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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Yemen update 7\28\2015..Violence reported in Yemen despite humanitarian truce

Violence reported in Yemen despite humanitarian truce

Humanitarian coordinator for Yemen says Aden witnesses destruction due to ongoing Saudi attacks

HRW wants UNHRC to create commission of inquiry to investigate Saudi violations

UN calls for safe, unhindered access of aid workers to Yemen

Yemen, The UK and Saudi - Human Rights Abuses, Home and Abroad?

Saudi Arabia denounces Iran’s “aggressive” statement against Bahrain

‘Yemen infrastructure on verge of collapse’

Several Saudi Power Plants Destroyed in Yemen Rocket Attacks

Yemeni Army, Ansarullah Destroy 2 Saudi Military Bases in Jizan

Yemen: 16 Pa

Tens of UAE Troops Killed in Yemen Missile Attack on Saudi Military Base in Najranrties Voices Support for Ansarullah

Iran Condemns Terrorist Attack in Bahrain

Alex Jones Show: Tuesday (7-28-15) Abby Johnson

Alex Jones Show: Tuesday (7-28-15) Abby Johnson - YouTube



On this Tuesday, July 28 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we continue our
coverage of the imploding economy in Europe and how it can happen here
in the U.S. Alex is reporting live from London to explain how the the
global elite are using the Eurozone crisis to establish a "regional
government" to eradicate the national sovereignty of nations. Paul
Joseph Watson also breaks down how this economic meltdown will affect
America. And pro-life activist Abby Johnson explains how you can take
part in the #WomanBetrayed rallies being held in 50 cities to protest
Planned Parenthood for harvesting aborted baby organs.
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Ron Paul speaks about the neocon's $100 Million lobbying effort to Sink Iran Peace Effort

▶ $100 Million to Sink Iran Peace Effort - YouTube

Russian anti-torture group to close over 'foreign agent' tag

▶ Russian anti-torture group to close over 'foreign agent' tag - YouTube

SOUTH FRONT 28.07.2015 Military Report of Novorossia

▶ 28.07.2015 Military Report of Novorossia - YouTube

Keiser Report: Bigger Fannie-Freddie are back! (E789)

▶ Keiser Report: Bigger Fannie-Freddie are back! (E789) - YouTube


In this episode of the Keiser Report Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert
discuss the b-b-b-bad to the bone Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two
government owned facilitators of mortgage lending which are bigger and
badder than ever. In the second half Max interviews Dr Youssef
El-Gingihy about How to Dismantle the NHS in 10 Easy Steps.

Bashar Jamal in Ramallah tells of shocking Israeli crimes against Palestinian children.

Bashar Jamal in Ramallah, On Israels Shocking Crimes Against Palestinian Children. - YouTube

Web Bot Hit - Russian Large Diamond Discovery_jsnip4

REALIST NEWS - Web Bot Hit - Russian Large Diamond Discovery - YouTube

Obama Tells Snowden to “Come Home, Be Judged”

» Obama Tells Snowden to “Come Home, Be Judged” Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Obama Tells Snowden to “Come Home, Be Judged”


Kurt Nimmo
In response to a popular online petition calling for pardoning Edward Snowden, the White House says the former NSA analyst should return home to “be judged by a jury of his peers.”

The 2013 petition calling for a pardon drew 167,000 responses.

“Instead of constructively addressing these issues, Mr. Snowden’s dangerous decision to steal and disclose classified information had severe consequences for the security of our country and the people who work day in and day out to protect it,” a White House response to the petition posted on the We the People website states.

“If he felt his actions were consistent with civil disobedience, then he should do what those who have taken issue with their own government do: Challenge it, speak out, engage in a constructive act of protest, and — importantly — accept the consequences of his actions. He should come home to the United States, and be judged by a jury of his peers — not hide behind the cover of an authoritarian regime. Right now, he’s running away from the consequences of his actions,” said Lisa Monaco, the White House homeland security and counterterrorism adviser.

Details disclosed by Snowden revealed just how pervasive government surveillance of the American people is.

Leaked court orders show the NSA collects virtually every phone call record in the United States and agency Powerpoint slides document how the NSA conducts “upstream” collection of data directly from telecommunications providers.

Under the name “Cincinnatus,” Snowden contacted the journalist Glenn Greenwald and then filmmaker Laura Poitras. He decided to work with Greenwald and Poitras after The Washington Post refused to publish 41 PowerPoint slides exposing the PRISM electronic data mining program.

After The Guardian published Greenwald’s articles on NSA surveillance, dozens of other media sources followed suit, including Der Spiegel, Le Monde and, eventually, The Washington Post and The New York Times.

The reporting earned The Guardian and The Washington Post the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for exposing “widespread surveillance” and for initiating a “huge public debate about the extent of the government’s spying,” Politico reported.

Following the revelations, Snowden applied to 21 countries for political asylum. In response, the US government and Vice President Joe Biden pressured governments to refuse asylum.

The Russian government eventually granted asylum under a caveat, issued by Vladimir Putin, that Snowden discontinue “his work aimed at harming our American partners.”

Despite the US government’s contention Snowden’s revelations are criminal, he has received a number of awards, including the German “Whistleblower Prize” and “Big Brother” award, the Sam Adams Award, the Ridenhour Truth-Telling Prize, the IQ Award issued by Mensa, and others.

ISIS update 7\28\2015..Turkey Gamble

Erdogan’s Gamble: Turkey targets both ‘Islamic State’ group and Kurds in Iraq

Turkey's strategy against ISIS, Kurds raises questions

NATO holds emergency session to discuss Turkey airstrikes in Syria, Iraq

US, Turkey coordinate military attacks against ISIL

Turkey and U.S. to create I.S. Free Zone in Northern Syria

Syrian Kurds urge Turkey to halt “aggression” against them

Cmdr. of Iraqi volunteer forces says Ankara not changed position on ISIL

Turkish police arrest 15 Daesh suspects in Ankara

Kurdish militia in Syria reportedly captures strategic town from ISIL

Iran-Turkey gas pipeline goes off in Turkish province of Agri

Kurdish women fighting ISIL on the frontline

Kurds Best ground fighters against ISIS ISIL DAESH & NATO Turkey attacking Kurds Airstrikes WHY?

Turkey accused of bombing Kurdish people in fight against ISIS

Turkey air strikes on ISIS and PKK: the unstoppable vicious circle

Imran N Hosein Turkish Threat Of Invading Syria Interview Sheikh Imran Hosein

Cameron: Britain could go after ISIL in Libya, Syria

Journalist Thaer al-Ajlani Killed while Reporting Operations in Jobar

Syria, Idlib, Syrian Reporter with SAA who defend Militant Attack @ Tal Wasit, Tal Awar

Gaddafi's son, 8 officials sentenced to death by Tripoli court

▶ Gaddafi's son, 8 officials sentenced to death by Tripoli court - YouTube

Saif was captured in November 2011 shortly after his father’s summary execution by the rebel forces, as he was trying to leave Libya. He was kept in custody by a local militia in the city of Zintan for months, as the militants refused requests from an internationally recognized government in Tripoli to hand him over for trial.

Both Gaddafi and Senussi were indicted by the International Criminal Court and Libya was ordered to hand them over for trial in The Hague. The Libyan government didn’t comply and even detained a team of ICC lawyers for a month, accusing them of delivering prohibited documents to Gaddafi.

Before the fall of Muammar Gaddafi’s government amid a NATO bombing campaign that devastated the country’s army and allowed rebel forces to seize control, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi was considered the second most powerful person in Libya.

A London-educated, fluent English-speaking PhD graduate, he supervised the investment of the nation’s multibillion dollar reserves generated by oil trade into foreign assets.

Gaddafi's son trial run by militia, court under pressure - lawyer

Will Donald Trump Save America and the World by Making a Deal with Putin?

 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump talks to reporters as he arrives in Laredo, Texas July 23, 2015

Will Donald Trump Save America and the World by Making a Deal with Putin? / Sputnik International

Edward Lozansky
For the past few weeks we have heard plenty of statements from Washington about the huge threat to U.S. National Security coming from Russia. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter and top Pentagon brass are convinced — or say they are — that the Russian threat is an absolute reality. The latest in this row is the statement by the Head of the US Special Operations Command General Joseph Votel, who also views Russia as an "existential threat" to the United States, repeating accusations against Moscow over the Ukrainian crisis.

In Congress, the party of war keeps pushing the same line but If this were only related to the upcoming budget sequestration discussion — which, among other things, can affect the Pentagon — one could dismiss this incessant talk of an imminent Russian threat as a simple money extortion exercise. However, I am afraid it is not just about money.

Washington hawks want regime change in Russia, no more and no less. Their hatred of Putin, who has the guts to have his own opinion of world affairs, and who stands firm for his country's right to look after its security interests, makes him the ultimate evil — someone who has to go and be replaced by a more malleable character. A person like Boris Yeltsin, who knew who is running the show on the world stage and humbly accepted this sober fact.

It's a different question how to achieve Putin's overthrow without a major military confrontation with Russia, a conflict that can well end in a conflagration engulfing the whole planet. It is one thing to perform regime change in Iraq, Libya or Ukraine but dealing with nuclear-armed Russia is quite a different matter.

Presently the hawks' thinking is still at the stage where they believe they can get rid of Putin through economic sanctions and by using the conflict in Ukraine to exhaust Russia's strength, ruin its economy and undermine its stability. There is no question that substantial damage to Russian economy has been done. It is not "in tatters," as Mr. Obama recently gloated, but is definitely shrinking and the number of people living below the poverty line has indeed increased. However, Putin's popularity is not heading south; on the contrary, his ratings jump a point or two every time another angry anti-Putin rebuke from Washington hits the airwaves.

Instead of accepting the failure of the current policy of sanctions and start searching for some kind of reasonable compromise, the party of war is pushing for escalation in tensions which can end up really badly for everyone. Any incident, however unintentional and insignificant in itself, can grow into something that we all — or rather those who will have survived — will remember with a sense of everlasting wonder at human stupidity.

What we see now resembles the hysteria in 2003 prior to and during the Iraq invasion. The party of war is so hell-bent on its perilous course that it can hardly be swayed by any reasonable arguments of those against warmongering. Nowadays even the most ardent supporters of the Iraq and Libya wars admit that they were huge mistakes which resulted in hundreds of thousands dead and wounded, millions of refugees, trillions of dollars wasted and the rise of ISIS on top of that.

Besides, there is another question that needs to be considered coolly and factually. Does Russia really represent the great or even greatest threat to America or for that matter to any NATO country?

Many Russians believe that actually it is America that represents the greatest threat to their country. Was it Russia that instigated a military coup in Mexico and installed an anti-American corrupted oligarch as its president? Was it Russia that imposed devastating economic sanctions on America — or is it the other way round? Is it Russia that supplies weapons and trains Mexican nationalists who are thinking of getting back territories lost during an armed conflict between the United States and the Centralist Republic of Mexico in the wake of the 1845 US annexation of Texas, which Mexico regarded as its inalienable part. Is it Russia that funds and supports American protest groups, something that we do around the world through the democracy promotion crusade?

As for the military threat, Putin and his generals are well aware that NATO armed forces are ten to fifteen times stronger than Russia's. You can call Putin any names but he is definitely not insane or suicidal. However, if you try to back the bear into a corner, anything can happen.

At this point it looks like the only and lonely sane voice in Washington belongs to the Secretary of State John Kerry who recently stated that he "doesn't agree with the assessment that Russia is an existential threat to the United States…. Certainly we have disagreements with Russia…but we don't view it as an existential threat."

As for the huge crowd of presidential candidates, it looks like so far the only one who promises to fix the U.S. — Russia relations thus avoiding a looming disaster is Donald Trump. In his recent interview on CNN he said that he would be able to work well with the Russian president.

No matter how the media and Republican Party establishment is trying to humiliate Trump, I for one would give him a chance.

Novorossia\Ukraine update 7\28\2015..Face of War

Putin's Face of War: Ukrainian artist uses bullet casings to depict Kremlin leader

Violence continues in Ukraine despite Minsk truce

Ukraine Conflict Death Toll: At least 2,300 Ukrainian Armed Forces servicemen killed in war

A phoney war in strategic Mariupol

Roundup NewsFront ENG SUB

Roundup of the day for July 26-27, 2015
1. The situation over the last day in the DPR and the LPR.
2. Kharkov zonal department of law and order military service will receive the batch of ICVs Saxon and Hammer.
3. "Aidar" battalion to leave the city Schastye.
4. Ukraine to ban French deputies from entering.
5. Branch of the Savings Bank in the center of Lviv bombarded with "Molotov cocktails."
6. Elections in Chernigov.
7. The car of the head of CCU got into a car accident.

Donetsk governor says to postpone elections in Donbass districts controlled by Kiev

KIEV, July 27. /TASS/. Head of the Donetsk military-civil administration (appointed by President Poroshenko) Pavel Zhebrovsky said the elections in the region should be organised not earlier than in 2017.

"My position is that the local elections are not organised either in the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities," he said in an interview to Ukraine’s LIGABusinessInform web edition.

"Before 2017 we should complete an administrative-territorial reform and after that to have the local elections, and not just elect deputies, but to transfer the rights and responsibilities to those newly-organised communities," he said. "This is the decentralisation, about which our European counterparts are speaking, and in this form should be working the local power."

He said he had close contacts with people living in territories, which are not controlled by the central Ukrainian authorities.

"Among those people 70% want only one - peace. The people are demoralised, disintegrated and disoriented. What choice can they make? This is why my suggestion is to have military-civil administrations. The region is at war," he said, confirming the opposition has much support in Donbas. "The Opposition bloc enjoys support here, they are working hard on it. But I am convinced they would not gain the majority in the local legislatures."

The Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine comprising senior representatives from Russia, Ukraine and European security watchdog OSCE on February 12, 2015, signed a 13-point Complex of Measures to fulfil the September 2014 Minsk agreements.

The Complex of Measures (Minsk-2), earlier agreed in the Belarusian capital with leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France, envisaged a ceasefire between Ukrainian government forces and people’s militias starting from February 15.

Based on September’s stillborn Minsk peace protocol, the deal also laid out a road map for a lasting settlement in Ukraine, including local elections and constitutional reform to give the war-torn eastern regions more autonomy.

Among the terms of the deal was a commitment to intensify the work of the Contact Group. Four subgroups, tasked with addressing security, political, economic and humanitarian issues, are expected to advance work by the Contact Group in activating elements of the Minsk deal.

Ukraine’s Opposition Bloc says authorities afraid to hold election in Luhansk

KIEV, July 27. /TASS/. The Ukrainian authorities are afraid to hold election in Donbas because they understand that residents will not support them, a deputy from Opposition Bloc Sergey Dunayev said on Monday.

Commenting on the statement made by the newly-appointed head of the Luhansk civil-military administration Georgy Tuka that election should not be held in Luhansk, Dunayev said: "The authorities are afraid to hold local election in Donbas because people here do not like the current authorities and will probably assess them accordingly when voting."

ICC prosecutor rejects calls to reinvestigate Israel "war crimes" in the Mavi Marmara humanitarian aid flotilla case_Kenneth O’Keefe

▶ ICC prosecutor rejects calls to reinvestigate Israel "war crimes" case - YouTube


An International Criminal Court prosecutor has made an appeal to a
recent panel ruling that had asked her to re-open a war crime case. The
case deals with Israel’s 2010 deadly attack on a humanitarian mission to
the Gaza Strip.
Fatou Bensouda was asked by a special panel of
judges to investigate if Israeli forces deliberately attacked the Mavi
Marmara humanitarian aid flotilla. The raid killed 10 activists.
Bensouda now argues that the judges have exceeded their legal authority
to make such a ruling. She closed the case last November after a primary
investigation and said it was not serious enough for a full war crime
probe. The ICC judges condemned her decision, saying she committed
material errors in her work and must re-consider the decision. 

Kenneth O’Keefe

M7 Earthquake, Space Weather | S0 News July 28, 2015

M7 Earthquake, Space Weather | S0 News July 28, 2015 - YouTube

Monday, July 27, 2015

NJ Governor Chris Christie Confronted About Edward Snowden in Keene, NH

▶ NJ Governor Chris Christie Confronted About Edward Snowden in Keene, NH - YouTube

Some politician from New Jersey sauntered into Keene today for a speaking event at local bar "Lab N Lager". The place was at overflow capacity while liberty activists and another protestor waited outside for Christie's arrival for a chance to ambush him with tough questions, as has become the tradition since 2012 here in Keene. Here's what happened.

The Real Deal Ep # 83 Jim Fetzer looks at Boston Bombing stage set

The Real Deal Ep # 83 - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News: Monday (7-27-15)

Infowars Nightly News: Monday (7-27-15) - YouTube



Vladimir Putin says It’s strange when we have to deal with the US in order to discuss issues with Europe

Putin: It’s strange when we have to deal with the US in order to discuss issues with Europe - YouTube

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an interview to a Swiss news channel, sharing his perspective on the current situation in Europe.

The REAL Big One: Scientists predict major West Coast earthquake soon

The REAL Big One: Scientists predict major West Coast earthquake soon - YouTube

Seismologists are warning people on the West Coast of a fatal earthquake across the Hayward Fault, which is said to strike sometime in the very near future. Lindsay France takes a look at the research and at what scientists are saying.