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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kiev Coup is Collapsing_ Jim Dean

Raw: Deadly Ambush on Ukrainian Military - YouTube

Once again we see Western aggression leaving nothing but death, destruction and broken states in its wake. There is the old saying that we all are supposed to learn from our mistakes in life, but that is a dead cliché now. We do just the opposite by repeating them over and over. How stupid is that?

The Kiev Coup-meisterings are staggering around like a Spanish bull at the end of a Sunday fight, tired and bleeding. They seem to have no strategy other than lie after lie, their favorite being “The Russians are invading!!” If the military high command had the brains and the guts, they would do a counter-coup, crush the Right-Sector and the Oligarchs, and save what is left of the country. How do I know they don’t have the guts? If they did, they would have done it already.

The West has pulled out all the stops to hide what is happening. Corporate media has gone propaganda all way in this fiasco. Kiev’s under-reporting of its killed and wounded has set a world record. Palace guard troops seem to be outfitted well and can fight accordingly. The regular units have Soviet-trained officers.

The Right Sector battalions seem to prefer fighting unarmed civilians, and of course shelling them. When they are attacked, they give ground while retreating to the nearest regular army unit for support. The National Guard units seem to be on the end of the supply chain and with corresponding morale to show for it. I watched one video of a soldier demonstrating how to dress, roast and eat a snake. But frankly, I prefer the old fashioned lunch box.

For the units that were sent off on flanking movements with no support, they found themselves getting supplied with excuses instead of the needed combat maneuver supplies. The New Republic forces have used the expected tactics of attacking supply columns to resupply themselves, while wearing down the flanking Kiev forces with harassing attacks and mobile warfare.

Most of the Ukie formations that have surrendered were doing so when basically out of anyone to fight with, or when needing medical care for their wounded. They realized they were being used as sacrificial lambs to draw defense troops away from the major cities to make them easier for the main Kiev units to take.

The battle tactics changed when the Donetsk command structure was revamped. It seems all the captured Ukie equipment was being refurbished, and new units trained in larger formation tactics needed to sustain counterattacks which the smaller units could not. The effects have been devastating, with Kiev units that could not withdraw being surrounded, hopefully into submission.

Kiev’s casualties have been high, and the stories we have about the Ukrainian army field care are just horrible — like amputations without anesthetic, and wounded soldiers being exploited to pay for supplies and care. Those fortunate enough to have families that could come to get them have brought the stories of corruption and incompetency back to the rear areas. The result was the big protests we saw in Kiev this week. We even have reports of masses of women lying down in the streets to block convoys.

In the middle of all of this, Poroshenko invented a new democracy tactic, dismissing Parliament to eliminate his opposition. This also killed any official calls for investigations into the ongoing strategy debacle. Entire brigades have started to desert now, with the Palace Guard special forces (who have not been fighting) being sent out to try to round them up. That is a precursor to a real civil war, if those units can get to a supply base.

The Malaysian MH17 time bomb awaits its day of reckoning. Russia’s UN ambassador Mr. Churkin has been taunting Kiev about when do they think they will be able to find and turn over the air traffic control tapes of that day. Kiev and some helpers are at the top of the suspect list as the murderers. The US joined them as an accessory after the fact by withholding its own satellite images and communications intercepts, which everyone knows we have.

The Netherlands and Malaysia have also done a great disservice to their people through their meek response on the non-cooperation of both the US and Ukraine in the investigation. You can add in the aviation organizations who filed some paperwork requests and then bowed out of the controversy, as they suspect the murders are going to be a big scandal.

During the entire slaughter of the civilians in the New Republics, not a word of reproach was heard from the US or EU to reign Kiev in… eternal shame on them. When Kiev troops found the self-defense forces more of a match than they expected, they pulled back to shell and punish the civilian areas in return — the tactics of cowards.

The EU only began to finally show some flexibility, not through any real moral concern of the innocent being killed for their poor leadership, but solely due to the blow-back in Europe from the food sanctions. The business community is on the war path, and new concern has been shown for getting the energy Gordian Knot addressed before winter comes.

But the catch there is that Kiev has no intention of paying, as it will be broke when it shells out the $1.5 billion to get the gas pipelines flowing. Gazprom has been working feverishly to increase supply capacity to Europe around Ukraine, which once done, might be a permanent cut off for Ukraine and maybe Poland for their sending fighting units to East Ukraine. And the Poles holding up the Russian Defense Minister’s plane going through their airspace on Friday was beyond stupid. You just can’t make this stuff up!

Kiev is walking the tightrope now. With their economy destroyed, they are hemorrhaging what money is left. They have not provoked the Soviet invasion that the US really wanted, in order to crank up the sanctions wars. And the EU people have now figured out that they were duped by the US — something their leaders should all resign for, because it was an astounding betrayal of their own people. This scenario reminds me of how Israel has subverted the United States through our Congress.

Poroshenko needs both massive Western military intervention and the billions that would come with that. The US would need a “crisis” to pull that off, despite Obama saying that the US has no military option in Ukraine. But desperation can trigger wild gambles.

Russia removed one option on Friday. If a Western “emergency” intervention was in the cards to save the surrounded Kiev troops from slaughter, Putin pulled the rug out from under that. He called for safe passage to Russia for the surrendering Ukraine troops so they could return home to their families. You can just image the effect that will have on the hate-Russia campaign in Kiev if that comes to pass.

On Thursday, I did my first Russia Today TV show on Peter Lavelle’s CrossTalk, where Ukraine and its economy was the main topic. I reviewed how Putin had put out the numbers this week that if Ukraine completed the EU free trade association agreement, it can kiss goodbye to all the Russian subsidies. Over ten years they are estimated at $200 billion total.

But there is a catch. Ukraine will not have $20 billion a year from its budget to lose. There is only one source to soak up the red ink, the Western taxpayers, and they sense the handcuffs being prepared for them already. We could see some major destabilization of Europe before this is all over.

But, as Victoria Nuland uttered the famous last words “F—k the EU”, that also might boomerang around. Ukraine is the EU Tar Baby big time now, and as winter comes near, the situation will be much worse. The Donetsk Forces are clearing the coastal area from the Russian border to Crimea. Mariupol is under siege now, with the oligarchs and big wigs having left the town to some sacrificial troops to hopefully get a massacre out of.

With that port open, fuel supplies will be assured for Donetsk and Lughansk for the winter, with the Russian navy covering their backs to the sea. If Kiev thinks it is going to play hardball, wait until it hears Old Man Winter laughing.

And if Obama somehow gets the EU to go along with new sanctions, purely for spite and cover for the their Ukraine mess, the EU auto workers and suppliers will be taking that counter sanction hit this winter. If that happens, we could see an interesting European Spring. Jim W. Dean


Corbett answers questions on WTC7 Collapse, Zeitgeist, secret societies, BRICS vs. the west

▶ How Did WTC7 Collapse? - YouTube

PravdaTV says NATO unable to prove Russia's military presence in Ukraine

NATO unable to prove Russia's military presence in Ukraine - YouTube

NATO has recently provided the photographs that allegedly proved the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine. However, the accuracy of the report was quickly compared to widely ridiculed studies of infamous "British scientists." The provided photos lack such important details as the time and the location of the shooting. It can be possible that the photos were made on the Russian territory during military maneuvers.

Igor Lisov, editor, columnist of "News of Cosmonautics"

"When the Russian Defense Ministry provided satellite images of the crash site of the Malaysian Boeing, the photos contained the following character attributes: date, time and coordinates of the area. On those data, specialists easily established what kind of satellites were used to make the photos, and it was confirmed that Russian satellites were staying above the area, when the tragedy occurred.

In case of the American photos that NATO exposed, there was nothing on them. There was no time, no coordinates, no recognizable features of the surface. The location of the shooting was mentioned only in the photo caption. Therefore, it is impossible to prove that the photos and its text characteristics correspond to each other."

Poland merceneries captured by the militia

The war in Ukraine: Poland merceneries captured by the militia - YouTube

Acting. Minister of State Security of People's Republic of Donetsk Leonid Baranov said that there were mercenaries from Poland captured by the 09/02/2014
"the many of Mercenaries work (for the Ukrainian security officials) , especially significant in Donetsk airport, the longest-held. They employ only professionals, there is not only the Americans, over there they speak different languages​​. This information is confirmed, and we can confidently say, that there are foreigners who do not give up, "- said Baranov.

Answering the question whether it was possible to capture some of the foreign mercenaries, acting the head of the state security of DPR noted that "while there were only the Poles."

Earlier, one of the commanders of the national militia of Lugansk People's Republic Alex Mozgovoy told the reporters at Yalta conference that in the ranks of the Ukrainian army the mercenaries are fighting , in particular from the United States, Poland, the United Kingdom, who "are not only in the headquarters and offices in Kiev, but also directly on the front line. "According to volunteer, "they are directly involved in the fighting, who pull the triggers and kill our people." As the commander of the militia, with the arrival of their security forces have changed their tactics of warfare. "..

Huge Solar Eruptions on the Backside | S0 News Sept 2, 2014

▶ Huge Solar Eruptions on the Backside | S0 News Sept 2, 2014 - YouTube

ISIS and Secret Shadow Government

Published on 30 Aug 2014

Press TV interview with Gordon Duff on the origins and support system of ISIS, al Nusra and Boko Harum

Red Ice Radio - Patrick Henningsen ISIS Crisis & Israel’s Strategy

Red Ice Radio - Patrick Henningsen - Hour 1 - ISIS Crisis & Israel’s Strategy - YouTube

The Fiction of “Fighting the Islamic State”, An Entity Created and Financed by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia


"The Virtual Inventor of the “IS” is none other than Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice"

The most severe crisis in the Middle East to date, the coming to power of the “Islamic State” in Iraq and Syria has entered an extremely absurd phase. The European states are about to follow the lead of the U.S. by exporting arms to the Kurdistan Regional Government under the command of Mustafa Barzani.This is being justified as “humanitarian aid”. They allegedly want to help preventing the genocide against the Yazidis. Accompanied by strong media presence, the German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier visited a family of Yazidi victims. He intended to illustrate the suffering of the Yazidis and the impending genocide in order to manipulate public opinion towards accepting the supposedly exceptional situation of the necessity of German arms exports into a crisis region.

The German government and other governments in the West in conjunction with their mass media are giving the strong impression that arms transfers to the Iraqi Kurds is the only possibility to prevent the impending catastrophe. All the other short- and long-term alternatives have not even been taken into consideration. All indications put forward by experts regarding the dramatic consequences of military support of the Iraqi Kurds are being systematically ignored. Therefore, Western governments raise the suspicion that humanitarian motives to protect the Yazidis merely constitute a fabricated pretext to enforce their own interests.

The U.S. is taking advantage of the incontestable threat posed by the brutal “IS” combatants in order to polish their damaged image in the Middle East and simultaneously try to underline that their further military presence in the region is indispensable. At the same time, the virtual inventor of the “IS” is none other than former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. In 2006, during the peak of the U.S.–Iran conflict, she prompted all Sunni states to set up a “Sunni belt” in response to the alleged “Shia belt” that Iran had supposedly created against Arab Sunnis. Henceforth, the Lebanese government received military aid with the explicit purpose of containing Shia Hezbollah in Lebanon. Then the Secretary-General of the Saudi National Security Council, the infamous Prince Bandar bin Sultan, set to work. The results were the birth of brutal groups such as Al-Nusra Front and “ISIS”, which sprang up like mushrooms to fight the Assad regime in Syria. In the final analysis, the outcome of the 2006 Condoleezza Rice plan was also the creation of the barbaric “IS” group, which is unprecedented in the entire history of Islam.

Especially since the beginning of this year, the German political élite are agitating for “more responsibility” in world politics. For this purpose, they want to soften restrictions with regard to arms transfers to crisis-hidden regions as well as remove parliamentary barriers to so-called humanitarian interventions. Since then, there have been massive attempts to eradicate moral objections from the collective memory of Germans to be able to participate in future global military conflicts without any restraints. As a result, the impending genocide against the Yazidi minority in northern Iraq was skillfully built up to be the number one issue by influential media outlets. The credibility of the humanitarian motives of the German government can be measured by the fact that the same government did not say a word about the atrocities of the Israeli government in Gaza which was taking place at the same time. There is silence about the suffering of the Palestinians but the suffering of the Yazidis is being exploited for their own policies. This is a terrifying hypocrisy.
The four regional states affected would be well advised to not allow further intervention by the U.S. and other Western states into the Middle East. The West will not remove the evil of “IS” which it has caused itself. It will rather intensify chaos in the Middle East. The U.S. neoconservatives have long been talking about a policy of “creative chaos” in the Middle East. The “creativity” of this chaos consists of the consolidation of U.S. hegemony in the region by causing area-wide instability and generating more “failed states”. Indeed, ethnic, religious, civil and cross-national wars carry the Middle East in that direction. The reasons for this retrogression should be clear:

By dint of Western arms transfers, Iraqi Kurds will proclaim a Kurdish state in northern Iraq and consequently split Iraq into several parts. The fact that some weeks ago Israel announced that it would immediately accept a Kurdish state should give us cause for concern. The claim to be the sole representatives of a Kurdish state made by the Barzani leadership, who follows the concept of Kurdish nationalism, would inevitably evoke reactions from Kurds in Turkey and Syria who are under the influence of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Not least because meanwhile the PKK rejects a Kurdish national state and obviously pursues the aim to create autonomous Kurdish regions within the existing states of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. A civil war between Kurds would be best suited to provoke a war between the four states at hand and to bring nationalist currents into the arena. It is obvious that under such circumstances, the brutal supporters of the “Caliphate” would not be weakened. By contrast, they would find ideal conditions for building their “Caliphate” and “Islamic State” (the Western media carefully abstains from using quotation marks) in the heart of the Middle East and would henceforth frighten all its states and peoples, including numerous ethno-religious minorities. The German and European arms fetishists are walking right into the trap of those U.S. neoconservatives who long ago set this trap in conjunction with their transatlantic puppet masters, when they sell arms to the Iraqi Kurds. To put it bluntly: I think that these arms transfers would be the most imprudent thing that the Europeans could do in the name of “humanitarian intervention”.

Nobody knows whether we can prevent the German and other European governments from committing such stupidity. Regardless of this, it is primarily the four affected states themselves that have a common interest in fighting the cancer of the “Islamic Caliphate”. This “Caliphate” is massively steered from abroad and it threatens all religious and ethnic minorities – the Yazidis of Iraq and Turkey, Christians across the Middle East, the Alawites of Syria, the Alevites of Turkey, Shias of Iraq, Iran and other parts of the Middle East, as well as Kurds of all four countries. Even the majority of Sunnis who resist the policies of the “Islamic State” would be in danger. It is especially a disgrace for the Islamic states in general – and it casts a gloomy cloud over the positive civilizing achievements of tolerance, the protection of minorities and the peaceful coexistence of different peoples and religions within the Islamic world. Most importantly, it is only the four most affected states themselves – Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey – which are in a position to end the “Caliphate” project through common efforts.

The challenge that is currently being posed by “IS” also proves how important it is for the four affected states in the Middle East to act beyond short-term national interests, to cooperate in security matters and to generate a common security framework. Beyond putting an end to the “IS” challenge, only such a perspective allows them to solve common cross-border problems in transnational dialog and negotiations. Apart from “IS”, the Kurdish question poses the most significant common issue of the four states. Within the scope of a joint regional security framework, the Kurdish dream of more administrative autonomy could be realized by dint of direct dialog and negotiations without violating the territorial integrity of the four states’ Kurdish settlement areas. Since the beginning of the 20th century, this unsolved problem has provoked numerous bloody wars and permanent domestic conflicts. Therefore, the Kurdish population deserves a lasting peaceful resolution.

This could be facilitated if the four states negotiated with all Kurdish movements. Apart from the Kurdish question, there are other broad transnational issues such as the extension of energy and water supply, the development of transport infrastructure, the liberalization of trade and many other projects that can be regulated via the cooperation of the four states in order to increase the social security and welfare of the region. No less important is the fact that the four states could succeed in ending the damaging interventions of the U.S., Israel and other states and create the conditions for a peaceful and economically prosperous Middle East even beyond the frontiers of the four states, providing that they are willing to act in concert.
 Dr. Mohssen Massarrat (professor emeritus at the University of Osnabrück, Germany, and expert on international relations and the Middle East)  

Ukraine’s Defense Minister: The “Anti-’Terrorist Operation” Is Over. Kiev Now Threatens to Wage an All Out War against Russia


On September 1st, the official Chinese news-agency, Xinhua, quoted Ukraine’s Defense Minister, Valeriy Geletey, as saying, “The operation to liberate eastern Ukraine from terrorists is over. We must urgently undertake defense against Russia.”

The same day, Russian TV headlined, “Russia outraged after Kiev accuses Moscow of nuclear attack threats,” and reported that Galetey said that this “operation” had produced “the rebels’ ‘defeat’,” and that the “operation” would now be replaced by a “war” between Ukraine and Russia. He was quoted there as saying that the Russian Government had communicated to him ‘through ‘unofficial channels’,” that Russia would use “tactical nuclear weapons” against Ukraine, if Ukraine did not capitulate to Russia’s demands. However, “Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stressed there would be ‘no military intervention into the conflict in Ukraine.”

CBS News headlined “Russia Rolls Into Ukraine,” and reported that NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen had “urged Russia on August 29 to halt its ‘illegal’ military actions in Ukraine.” This CBS report failed to mention Russia’s repeated denials that “Russia Rolls Into Ukraine” at all.

The residents of the various countries are thus receiving very different impressions of what is happening, and even of which side is winning this war — and even of whether it’s a “war,” or only an “operation.” In all of these countries, the government might as well be writing the “news.”

In the United States, leading up to our invasion of Iraq on 19 March 2003, the U.S. Government and news media reported that Saddam Hussein had a huge and growing stockpile of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), and that the U.S. needed to invade in order to capture it and kill the Al Qaeda forces there. As things turned out, there were neither WMD nor Al Qaeda in Iraq (though Al Qaeda did start there in 2006, while we were occupying the country). America’s public continued trusting U.S. news media, nonetheless. But will this trust continue if it turns out that our Government and news-media have been lying about Ukraine, too?

Perhaps Americans don’t care much about being deceived. On the other hand, maybe there is a limit to how long that unconcern about their deception can continue.

For example: what will happen if it turns out that Ukraine’s separatists win, and that the U.S. had spent more on supporting the Ukrainian army than Russia had spent of supporting the separatists? Is America’s acceptance of deception, and of deceivers, unlimited? Or will the American people never even notice that they had been repeatedly deceived?

Moscow to adapt military doctrine over NATO plans in Eastern Europe

Amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, a senior Kremlin official says Russia will adjust its military doctrine in response to NATO plans to boost its presence in Eastern Europe.

The deputy head of the National Security Council, Mikhail Popov, has accused the Western military alliance of ratcheting up tensions by boosting its military presence near Russia's borders. The official added that the US is planning to deploy heavy weaponry and military hardware, including tanks and armored vehicles in Estonia and other Baltic states. He noted that the move is indicative of the US and NATO desire to continue their policy of aggravating tensions with Russia. He termed the US missile system plan in Eastern Europe as another threat to Russia's security.

Moscow is to review its military doctrine, a move that is caused by expansion of NATO in Eastern Europe, problems of missile defense and the crisis situation in neighboring Ukraine, says an official from the Russia’s Security Council.
“I have no doubts that the issue of drawing of military infrastructure of NATO member-countries to the borders of our country, including via enlargement, will remain one of the external military threats for the Russian Federation,” Mikhail Popov, deputy secretary of the Security Council said in an interview to RIA Novosti.
All NATO’s actions show that both the US and NATO are trying to escalate a deterioration of relations with Russia, he added.
“We consider that defining factor in [Moscow’s] relations with NATO will remain the unacceptability for Russia of the expansion plans of alliance’s military infrastructure to our borders, including via enlargement,” he stated.
Establishing and deploying of strategic missile defense systems which are undermining the global stability, as well as bringing the weapons into space, will also remain major military threats for Russia, he added.
“The USA wants to strengthen its troops in Baltic States. [They] have already decided to transfer its heavy weapons and military equipment, including tanks and armored infantry vehicles, to Estonia. And all this next to Russia’s border.”
The acting military doctrine was adopted in 2010. The new version will be released by the end of 2014, said Popov.
According to Popov, the pursuit of the USA and NATO members to increase its strategic offensive potential is becoming more evident.
They are trying to do this “at the expense of development of a global missile defense system” and “the elaboration of new weapons, including advanced hypersonic weapon (AHW).”

Reuters / Kacper Pempel
Reuters / Kacper Pempel
The 2010 military doctrine caused the most acute reaction in the USA and NATO, said Popov.
“Many high-ranked officials reproached the leaders of our country saying that NATO isn’t a Russia’s enemy and will never attack Russia. But is that true?” he asked. “We were assured of good intentions, but the actions of recent years show entirely different things.”
He added that Russia had not managed to establish an equal dialogue with its Western partners.
“Everyone waits one-sided concessions from Russia in many international relations issues.”
According to Popov, “the role of Russia in the Ukraine crisis is subjectively defined and thus wrong conclusions are drawn and wrong measures are applied."
“There is an unprecedented informational-propagandist campaign against Russia. The image of the enemy is presented in the face of Russia and its politics is considered as a new threat to NATO.”

‘We’re open to cooperation in Arctic’

The military doctrine will also take into account the stable development of the Arctic – a region thought to contain vast reserves of oil and gas.
“The major national interests of Russia in this region will be the use of the Arctic as a resource base capable of providing the needs of Russia in hydrocarbon riches, water bio resources and other strategic material for solving social-economic tasks.”
Popov added that Russia “is open for cooperation in the Arctic.”
“We not only call for cooperation, but also confirm this intention. Russia’s Security Council in the Arctic Circle is organizing meetings with the officials of the countries of the Arctic Council which show our objects,” he said. “By the way, not all the countries of the region show the same goodwill and openness.”
The five Arctic states - Canada, Denmark, Norway, Russia and the US – have for several years now been in a bitter dispute over how to divide up this resource-rich region.

‘Any aggression against Crimea is aggression against Russia’

“Today Crimea is a territory of Russian Federation, and military aggression against Crimea will be considered as aggression against Russian Federation with all ensuing consequences,” said Popov.
“The military unit in Crimea, set by the president’s [Vladimir Putin] decision, is self-sufficient and is capable of repelling an attack of a potential aggressor on the territory of Russia,” he added.
The tasks of Black Sea fleet and the military units on the peninsula remain the same in Crimea – to provide military security of the country.
“I would like to stress that the borders of the Russia Federation with the CIS [Commonwealth of Independent States], including those with Ukraine, are not covered by the military, its control is performed via customs services,” said Popov.

'It's hell': Ukrainians 'sick & tired' of war

After months of an army offensive, Eastern Ukraine looks devastated. Schools, hospitals, apartment blocks and houses are either badly damaged or completely destroyed. But as anti-government forces drive troops away, people are getting the chance to come out of hiding and to start rebuilding what's been wrecked.

Kiev’s bloody eastern Ukraine campaign LIVE UPDATES:

Dmitry Orlov explains How Can You Tell Whether Russia has Invaded Ukraine?  

How Can You Tell Whether Russia has Invaded Ukraine?    : Information Clearing House - ICH

September 01, 2014 "ICH" -

 Last Thursday the Ukrainian government, echoed by NATO spokesmen, declared that the the Russian military is now operating within Ukraine's borders. Well, maybe it is and maybe it isn't; what do you know? They said the same thing before, most recently on August 13, and then on August 17, each time with either no evidence or fake evidence. But let's give them the benefit of the doubt.

You be the judge. I put together this helpful list of top ten telltale signs that will allow you to determine whether indeed Russia invaded Ukraine last Thursday, or whether Thursday's announcement is yet another confabulation. (Credit to Roman Kretsul).

Because if Russia invaded on Thursday morning, this is what the situation on the ground would look like by Saturday afternoon.

1. Ukrainian artillery fell silent almost immediately. They are no longer shelling residential districts of Donetsk and Lugansk. This is because their locations had been pinpointed prior to the operation, and by Thursday afternoon they were completely wiped out using air attacks, artillery and ground-based rocket fire, as the first order of business. Local residents are overjoyed that their horrible ordeal is finally at an end.

2. The look of military activity on the ground in Donetsk and Lugansk has changed dramatically. Whereas before it involved small groups of resistance fighters, the Russians operate in battalions of 400 men and dozens of armored vehicles, followed by convoys of support vehicles (tanker trucks, communications, field kitchens, field hospitals and so on). The flow of vehicles in and out is non-stop, plainly visible on air reconnaissance and satellite photos. Add to that the relentless radio chatter, all in Russian, which anyone who wants to can intercept, and the operation becomes impossible to hide.

3. The Ukrainian military has promptly vanished. Soldiers and officers alike have taken off their uniforms, abandoned their weapons, and are doing their best to blend in with the locals. Nobody thought the odds of the Ukrainian army against the Russians were any good. Ukraine's only military victory against Russia was at the battle of Konotop in 1659, but at the time Ukraine was allied with the mighty Khanate of Crimea, and, you may have noticed, Crimea is not on Ukraine's side this time around.

4. There are Russian checkpoints everywhere. Local civilians are allowed through, but anyone associated with a government, foreign or domestic, is detained for questioning. A filtration system has been set up to return demobilized Ukrainian army draftees to their native regions, while the volunteers and the officers are shunted to pretrial detention centers, to determine whether they had ordered war crimes to be committed.

5. Most of Ukraine's border crossings are by now under Russian control. Some have been reinforced with air defense and artillery systems and tank battalions, to dissuade NATO forces from attempting to stage an invasion. Civilians and humanitarian goods are allowed through. Businessmen are allowed through once they fill out the required forms (which are in Russian).

6. Russia has imposed a no-fly zone over all of Ukraine. All civilian flights have been cancelled. There is quite a crowd of US State Department staffers, CIA and Mossad agents, and Western NGO people stuck at Borispol airport in Kiev. Some are nervously calling everyone they know on their satellite phones. Western politicians are demanding that they be evacuated immediately, but Russian authorities want to hold onto them until their possible complicity in war crimes has been determined.

7. The usual Ukrainian talking heads, such as president Poroshenko, PM Yatsenyuk and others, are no longer available to be interviewed by Western media. Nobody quite knows where they are. There are rumors that they have already fled the country. Crowds have stormed their abandoned residences, and were amazed to discover that they were all outfitted with solid gold toilets. Nor are the Ukrainian oligarchs anywhere to be found, except for the warlord Igor Kolomoisky, who was found in his residence, abandoned by his henchmen, dead from a heart attack. (Contributed by the Saker.)

8. Some of the over 800,000 Ukrainian refugees are starting to stream back in from Russia. They were living in tent cities, many of them in the nearby Rostov region, but with the winter coming they are eager to get back home, now that the shelling is over. Along with them, construction crews, cement trucks and flatbeds stacked with pipe, cable and rebar are streaming in, to repair the damage from the shelling.

9. There is all sorts of intense diplomatic and military activity around the world, especially in Europe and the US. Military forces are on highest alert, diplomats are jetting around and holding conferences. President Obama just held a press conference to announce that “We don't have a strategy on Ukraine yet.” His military advisers tell him that his usual strategy of “bomb a little and see what happens” is not likely to be helpful in this instance.

10. Kiev has surrendered. There are Russian tanks on the Maidan Square. Russian infantry is mopping up the remains of Ukraine's National Guard. A curfew has been announced. The operation to take Kiev resembled “Shock and Awe” in Baghdad: a few loud bangs and then a whimper.

Armed with this list, you too should be able to determine whether or not Russia has invaded Ukraine last Thursday.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Donetsk Republic Sends Captured Ukrainian Soldiers Home to Mothers and Wives

Donetsk Republic Sends Captured Ukrainian Soldiers Home to Mothers and Wives -

This is an extremely interesting 9 minute video from the Donetsk Republic. It shows extraordinary

humane treatment and release of captured Ukrainian soldiers. The
Christian behavior of the Donetsk Republic puts to shame the crude
barbarians who rule in America and Europe and the media shills who whore
for the Western barbarians._Paul Craig Roberts

Battle rages on between govt. forces, pro-Russians in Ukraine’s east

Battle rages on between government forces and pro-Russian militias in Ukraine’s east. The Ukrainian military says Russian artillery struck their positions in Luhansk airport and a nearby village, forcing government troops to retreat from the area. Russia has denied any involvement in the militia operation cleansing Lugansk airport of Ukrainian mortar positions raining destruction on the city. A similar operation is gaining strength in Donetsk airport where the militia reportedly now holds large parts of the airport. Ukraine’s defense minister has warned of a great war against his country.

Ukraine War 2014 NATO Summit - Webster Tarpley (World Crisis Radio 8/30/2014)

Full broadcast containing above clips -

Alex Jones Show: Monday (9-1-14) Mark Adams & Harry Dent

On this September 1, Labor Day 2014 special edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex runs down the warning issued by Vladimir Putin about messing with Russia as NATO and the U.S. continue to push the envelope on Ukraine and the prospect of a world war beginning in Europe grows more serious. Alex talks with researcher and author Mark Adams about the numerous abuses of the IRS and how it is used as a political weapon against opponents of the political status quo, including former Republican Rep, George Hansen of Idaho. Finally, Alex talks to with financial newsletter writer and author Harry Dent, the founder of HS Dent Investment Management, an investment firm based in Tampa, Florida. Mr. Dent’s latest book is The Great Crash Ahead. Other books include The Great Depression Ahead and The Next Great Bubble Boom. He talks with Alex about the prospect of a great economic crash straight ahead.

Infowars Nightly News: Monday (9-1-14)

Infowars Nightly News: Monday (9-1-14)


Alex Jones Show - Commercial Free Podcast: Monday (9-1-14) Mark Adams & Harry Dent

Alex Jones Show - Commercial Free Podcast: Monday (9-1-14) Mark Adams & Harry Dent - YouTube


On this September 1, Labor Day 2014
special edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex runs down the warning
issued by Vladimir Putin about messing with Russia as NATO and the U.S.
continue to push the envelope on Ukraine and the prospect of a world war
beginning in Europe grows more serious. Alex talks with researcher and
author Mark Adams about the numerous abuses of the IRS and how it is
used as a political weapon against opponents of the political status
quo, including former Republican Rep, George Hansen of Idaho. Finally,
Alex talks to with financial newsletter writer and author Harry Dent,
the founder of HS Dent Investment Management, an investment firm based
in Tampa, Florida. Mr. Dent’s latest book is The Great Crash Ahead.
Other books include The Great Depression Ahead and The Next Great Bubble
Boom. He talks with Alex about the prospect of a great economic crash
straight ahead.

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Ron Paul says Perhaps Obama's "Lack Of Strategy Is A Glimmer Of Hope".
Last week President Obama admitted that his administration has not worked out a strategy on how to deal with the emergence of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as a dominant force in the Middle East. However, as ISIS continues its march through Syria and Iraq, many in the US administration believe it is, in the words of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, a threat “beyond anything we have ever seen.”

Predictably, the neocons attacked the president’s speech. They believe the solution to any problem is more bombs and troops on the ground, so they cannot understand the president’s hesitation.

Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Buck McKeon made it clear that fighting ISIS is going to cost a lot more money and will bring US forces back to Iraq for the third time. The post-Iraq, post-Afghanistan peace dividend disintegrates.

Mr. McKeon said last week:

ISIS is an urgent threat and a minimalist approach, that depends solely on FY15 funding or pinprick strikes that leave fragile forces in Iraq and Syria to do the hard fighting, is insufficient to protect our interests and guarantee our safety in time.

What does this mean in practice? If the neocons have their way, the Federal Reserve will “print” more money to finance another massive US intervention in the Middle East. In reality this means further devaluation of the US dollar, which is a tax on all Americans that will hit the poorest hardest.

A new US military incursion will not end ISIS; it will provide them with the recruiting tool they most crave, while draining the US treasury. Just what Osama bin Laden wanted!

McKeon and the other hawks act as if they had only recently become aware of the ISIS. Or if they noticed it, they pretend US policy had nothing to do with its rise.

McKeon also said last week, “ISIS threat was allowed to build and fester over a period of time.”

In fact, US regime change policy in Syria was directly responsible for the rise of ISIS over these past three years. As journalist Eric Margolis observed recently, the emergence of ISIS is the “mother of all blowback.” The neocons who want us to get tougher on ISIS, including a US attack on Syria, are the same ones who not long ago demanded that we support groups like ISIS to overthrow the Assad government in Syria. US-trained and funded “moderates” from the Free Syrian Army joined the Islamist militias including ISIS, taking US weapons and training with them.

Three years of supporting any force that might overthrow the secular government of President Assad has produced a new monster in the Middle East that neocons insist the US must slay.

Why can’t they just admit they were wrong? Why can’t the interventionists just admit that their support for regime change in Syria was a terrible and tragic mistake?

If ISIS is as big a threat as they claim, why can’t they simply ask Assad to help out? Assad has never threatened the United States; ISIS has. Assad has been fighting ISIS and similar Islamist extremist groups for three years.

Why does the US government insist on aligning with theocracies in the Middle East? If there is anything that contradicts the US Constitution and American values it is a theocratic government. I do not believe that a majority in the Middle East wants to live under such a system, so why do we keep pushing it on them? Is that what they call promoting democracy?

A lack of strategy is a glimmer of hope. Perhaps the president will finally stop listening to the neocons and interventionists whose recommendations have gotten us into this mess in the first place! Here’s a strategy: just come home.

Battle rages on between government forces, pro-Russians in Ukraine’s east

Battle rages on between govt. forces, pro-Russians in Ukraine’s east

Battle rages on between government forces and pro-Russian militias in Ukraine’s east. The Ukrainian military says Russian artillery struck their positions in Luhansk airport and a nearby village, forcing government troops to retreat from the area. This is while, Ukraine’s defense minister has warned of a great war against his country.

Ukraine Defense Minister: Great war at our doorstep

Ukraine’s defense minister has warned of a great war against his country.

Heletey had earlier said Russian forces are moving in the two eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions where fierce clashes are going on. The Ukrainian military also says Russian artillery struck their positions in Luhansk airport and a nearby village. A spokesman for the army says precise artillery fire made them retreat. Also, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has accused Russia of launching a direct invasion of his country.

Putin accuses Europe of ignoring the Ukrainian army directly targeting civilians

The talks come against the backdrop of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s call for discussions on the creation of an independent state in eastern Ukraine. Putin’s comments came hours after the European Union threatened to slap new sanctions on Russia. Moscow has already been under European sanctions over its alleged involvement in the deadly insurgency in neighboring Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Russian president has accused the European Union of turning a blind eye to the Ukrainian troops' attacks on civilians. Eastern parts of Ukraine have been witnessing four months of fighting between the pro-West government and pro-Russian fighters. The conflict has left over two-thousand people dead and more than three-hundred thousand others homeless.

Monday, September 1, 2014
Novorussia: independent, associated or (con)federated?
An important disclaimer, caveat and clarification

......The main conclusion I hope that you all will draw from the above is that we should not jump to conclusions and avoid making big sweeping judgments. If I have convinced you that this is a very tricky, complex and multi-dimensional issue then I am satisfied. If I get another deluge of one sentence slogans in favor of either option, then I failed. As I said, I am not sure that anybody really knows were this is all taking us. For one thing, the Ukies and their western patrons have reneged on every single agreement they have signed since last Fall and there is really no rational reason to expect them to stick to anything they might sign this time. Or maybe these negotiations will lead nowhere and the chaos and "somalization" of the ex-Ukraine will continue.

 The other day Putin said this: "no matter where the US gets involved they always achieve the same result: Libya". That is quite true and maybe a libyalization of Banderastan needs to happen before everybody comes to his/her senses. Or maybe, this is terrible to say, is the situation more similar to the one in Chechnia in 1999 when a lot of people had to be simply physically eliminated, killed, before any solution could be found (sadly, but Nazis and Wahabis have that in common that the only way to deal with most of them is to kill them). I honestly don't know.

So let us keep an eye on this incredibly fluid, complex and dangerous situation and not pretend like it is simple and the solution obvious.

Stay tuned, as always, I will do my best to keep you posted.

Kind regards and many thanks,

The Saker

Ukraine News Sep 1, Donetsk Airport has not been fully Taken

▶ Ukraine News Sep 1, Donetsk Airport Taken/NATO Officers - YouTube