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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Watching the Hawks [56] Violent Right Wing Extremists - the new top Terrorist in the U.S. and the Piñata Trump

▶ [56] Violent Right Wing Extremists - the new top Terrorist in the U.S. and the Piñata Trump. - YouTube

What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Tuesday June 30 2015

▶ What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Tuesday June 30 2015: (Commercial Free Video) - YouTube


Ron Gibson

NSA allowed to resume bulk data collection on Americans

▶ NSA allowed to resume bulk data collection on Americans - YouTube

The National Security Agency’s bulk data collection program is back in business, thanks to a Foreign Intelligence Security Act (FISA) Court ruling on Monday. The NSA is now free to sweep up Americans’ metadata once again. RT’s Marina Portnaya tells Manila Chan about the resumption of the controversial surveillance program.

If the NWO destroys the Planet how will you put miniskirts on 70 year old men?

▶ miniskirts on 70 year old men - YouTube

Al Etejah News 30/07/2015

News 30/07/2015 - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Commercial Free - Tuesday (6-30-15) Nomi Prins

▶ Alex Jones Show: Commercial Free - Tuesday (6-30-15) Nomi Prins - YouTube



On the Tuesday, June 30 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, Greeks fear civil war and martial law may break out amid the country's latest debt default. And a new study reveals US law enforcement agencies are more concerned about “anti-government extremists” than al-Qaeda or ISIS inspired terrorism. On today's show, investigative journalist, former Goldman Sachs director and author of All the Presidents' Bankers: The Hidden Alliances That Drive American Power, Nomi Prins, breaks down the Clinton and Bush's bankrolled financial portfolios, the fed's bubble problem and what Greece's insolvency means for the rest of Europe. Natural health expert Anthony Gucciardi also joins today's show explaining how what you eat affects the processes of the body's central processing unit – the brain. We'll also take your calls on this worldwide transmission.
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ANONYMOUS says New World Order is Almost Here. #OpWorldWideRevolution [[[ENGAGED]]]

▶ ANONYMOUS - New World Order is Almost Here. #OpWorldWideRevolution [[[ENGAGED]]] - YouTube

ISIS update 6\30\2015.. the magic has turned against the magicians

Assad's troops face IS in Hasaka

Syrian rebels on Pentagon’s payroll just disappeared

Russia president vows to continue support for Syria

Lebanese army in control of country’s territory

Tunisia boosts tourist security and probes Libya link to Sousse gunman

New airstrikes against ISIS in Syria and Iraq

Iraqi forces recapture Jebbeh in Anbar Province from ISIL

Army: 691 ISIL Terrorists Killed across Syria in Past 24 Hours

At least 691 ISIL terrorists have been killed in fierce clashes between the Syrian army and the Takfiri group in the provinces of Hasaka and Deir Ezzur in the past 24 hours, a top military source confirmed.

According to the Syrian Army’s Central Command, the army troops made major gains in their military campaign against the ISIL in Hasaka on Monday and managed to claim the lives of more than 444 militants in the flashpoint province.

Elsewhere in the Arab country, the Syrian forces gained the upper hand over the Takfiri group in Deir Ezzur province and killed over 247 terrorists across the area.

The source added that 13 high-profile leaders of the terror group were identified among the dead.

Earlier in the day, the Syrian troops cleared ISIL militants from the al-Nashwa neighborhood in Hasaka, killing dozens of the ISIL militants and destroying a number of their vehicles.

ISIL: The Magic Turns Against the Magicians

There is no question that US militarism constantly strengthens exactly that which it is pitched as trying to prevent, ensuring that the interventionists never lose their supply of reasons to continue the destructive war on terror and state demolition.Any doubters should ask Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, who four years ago said the war on Syria and the interwoven cycle of violence and chaos in the Middle East knows no borders: The regional war against the US-trained terrorist group of ISIL - once confined to battlefields within Iraq and Syria - is now rapidly spreading. The latest victims: France, Tunisia and Kuwait.

As calls for US intervention – and snooping - grow louder in Congress, it is important to remember that the current crisis is in fact rooted in the destruction of Iraqi society brought on by the 2003 US-led invasion and occupation. So there are many reasons why new US military intervention is a terrible idea and Iraqis are better off without it.

Gerald Celente says "The Panic Is On!"

▶ Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "The Panic Is On!" - (6/29/15) - YouTube

The Silent $21Trillion Jubilee That No One Even Noticed,, Red Dragon Family Ambassador with Kev Baker

The Silent $21Trillion Jubilee That No One Even Noticed ~ The Ambassador To Red Dragon Family ~ - YouTube


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Here's the Proof: The Establishment Fears Bernie Sanders

Here's the Proof: The Establishment Fears Bernie Sanders - YouTube

CrossTalk: Minsk 2 RIP?

▶ CrossTalk: Minsk 2 RIP? 29/06/2015 - YouTube

US Warmongering Rhetoric May Drag World Into War

Statue of Liberty

WW3 Inevitable? US Warmongering Rhetoric May Drag World Into War » voice of Sevastopol

America has recently intensified its warmongering rhetoric against Beijing and Moscow, triggering growing concerns that the US/NATO foreign policy course may drag the world into a third World War.

In response to the recent remarks by US Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who blasted both Russia and China for the "efforts to unilaterally and coercively change the status quo" in Eastern Ukraine and the South China Sea, respectively, US investigative journalist Joachim Hagopian points out that the United States has long been the global military aggressor.

"It's interesting that again America is criticizing China for being the aggressor when, in fact, the global policy of the United States' empire has been to be the world aggressor and keep every nation that poses any kind of competition at bay by either invading and occupying and having wars in those countries or by subterfuge of economic boycotts and sanctions," Mr. Hagopian said in an interview with Press TV.

Washington is criticizing Beijing for its island-building project in the South China Sea and claiming that Chinese hackers were behind a series of cyber-attacks against a US federal government server. However, Washington has not yet provided any credible evidence to confirm its accusations.

At the same time the US has recently bolstered its anti-Russian propaganda campaign, apparently to justify NATO's military buildup in Eastern Europe.

It seems that the American empire "is beginning to crumble and weaken" while Russia and China are steadily emerging both economically and politically, the journalist elaborated, adding that the US has been a global bully for a very long time and it is not willing to play the second fiddle now.

The situation is serious, since the stance the US is currently demonstrating may lead the world to another global conflict.

"There is a long history of the United States of America being the global military aggressor, so a real fear and concern that all of us on this earth should have is that World War III does not break out soon, but it's kind of heading that way based on the rhetoric that we're hearing particularly from the American government," Mr. Hagopian emphasized.

Novorossia/ Ukraine update 6\30\2015..tornado, defections

White phosphorus shells fired at a village in Pisky

Ukrainian officer defected from Central Ukraine (Dnipropetrovsk) to join fight against Kiev regime

Testimonies of Increasing Number of Kiev's Top Officials who Are Defecting to Donbas

Canada Sanctions Putin Regime: Canadian PM Harper demands Putin end 'invasion' of east Ukraine

Warmonger John McCain: Silicon Valley should come up with something to counter Russian propaganda

What does Vladimir Putin’s 89% rating really mean?

......The WaPo is correct: the Russian people do fully support Putin, especially if you consider that the 11% which are not happy with him are largely composed of Communists who blame Putin for being too sympathetic to capitalist market economy practices, nationalists who think that the Kremlin is too soft or indecisive about supporting Novorussia against the Ukronazis and maybe 1-3% (max!) who generally support the USA & EU. So in terms of the current confrontation with the AngloZionist Empire the real approval rating of Putin would be in the 97-98% range.

What does this mean?

 1) There is no such thing as a “Putin” or even a “Kremlin” policy/stance on the Ukraine. There is a Russian stance on the Ukraine.

 2) The sanctions have had the exact opposite effect from the one hoped for: instead of triggering a wave of discontent against Putin, the Russians have rallied around him.

 3) The AngloZionist “message” has absolutely zero traction in Russia. The West has no credibility left, no appeal, no moral or political authority. Most Russians view the USA as a dangerous foe trying to subjugate Russia and they view the EU as a voiceless subservient colony of the USA.

 4) The Russian will not “blink”. As I have been repeating it on this blog over and over again – Russians do not want war, but they are ready for it. The country is fully mobilized, both psychologically and materially. No amount of threats or sanctions will change this.

 5) Putin’s power base is stronger than ever before. Not only are the Russian people fully supporting Putin, but the anti-Putin pro-USA “liberals” and “democrats” (in the Russian meaning of these words) are in complete disarray and on the run (mostly politically, but sometimes literally).

 6) It is becoming increasingly clear that while the Russian economy has suffered from the sanctions and, even more so, from the drop in energy prices, it has fared much better than expected (including by the Kremlin) and that the planned “isolation” of Russia is an abject failure.

 7) Most indicators seem to point to the same conclusion: the Ukronazi regime is at a breaking point: the purges have begun, the number of defectors is rising, the regime is making truly crazy decision (Saakashvili in Odessa), Goldman Sachs predicts an official default for the 24th of July (unofficially the Ukraine is already in a default situation).

In other words, while Russia is now stronger than at any time during this conflict, the Ukraine is weaker than at any time before. The US has no workable plan left. The Empire has failed to draw Russia into a war with the Ukraine, the Ukrainian have failed to crush the Donbass and political cracks are all over the EU.

And while all the saber-rattling along the Russian border have angered the Russian people, it has completely failed to impress, nevermind scare, them. It appears that Putin holds Obama by the balls.

So what is next?

Well, for one thing that now depends on the USA. Russia can hold this position for as long as needed. In contrast, the EU is suffering economically and, even more so, politically. Should the Greek people rise against the AngloZionist plutocracy and reject their ultimatum the resulting political crisis will make the EU even weaker. Moldova and Romania have shown no signs that they are willing to directly confront Russia over Transnistria, and that is also very good news.

I suspect that some clear warnings were given to the West about that by Russia (including a reminder of what happened the last time Russian peacekeepers were attacked). The longer the USA sticks to a failed Ukrainian policy, the worse the tensions inside the EU will become.

Minsk-2 is dead and the Ukronazis have clearly given up on the Donbass: they are shelling it daily, they have cut off all the supply lines (including for water and medicines), they have not resumed the payment of pensions (in clear violation of the terms of M2A) and their political rhetoric is even more hostile and bellicose than before.

Still, there is no way the western elites can accept that. They have invested their full political capital and credibility into their completely failed policy and now to admit that would entail an terminal loss of face.

 So just like the Ukronazi junta in Kiev, I expect the western leaders will be all bark but no bite, least the Russian bear bite back.

 The Saker

Roundup of the day for June 28-29, 2015

Are Neocons Embracing Al-Qaeda? _RonPaul

▶ Are Neocons Embracing Al-Qaeda? - YouTube

How to Survive the Next 4 Years _ Lindsey Williams

▶ How to Survive the Next 4 Years by Lindsey Williams (Disc 1) - YouTube


The Globalists and WW3 _Jeff Rense and Joel Skousen

▶ Jeff Rense & Joel Skousen - The Globalists & WW3 - YouTube

Morris Interviews Martin Lejeune from #FreedomFlotilla boat that did not make It to Gaza

Interview From Flotilla Boat That Did Not Make It To Gaza - Martin Lejeune - YouTube

More Countries In Dire Economic Situation (Puerto Rico?) _jsnip4

▶ REALIST NEWS - More Countries In Dire Economic Situation (Puerto Rico?) - YouTube

Lyndon LaRouche ..all the Europeans are panicked! .. trying to pretend they're not bankrupt

LPAC Policy Committee with Lyndon LaRouche · June 29, 2015 | LaRouchePAC


.......LAROUCHE:....I have several things to say. One to report on my recent turn in activities, which is an incidental thing we can come to at a later point, but the crucial thing is what's the mistake that is in the press? The mistake is that they're all concerned about their organization, and they don't realize that their organization, that is Europe, in Europe generally, in the Americas, generally, but especially in North America, that they're all falling apart. They're all going bankrupt. And they're also very much off-tune, in terms of practice. [laughter]

So therefore, what people are thinking that the Greeks are the failure, that the argument in Europe in particular, is the thing, "No, the Greeks are to blame. The Greeks are pulling us down. The Greeks are the problem." It happens that the Greeks are doing fairly well, very well. They're very well organized now. They've recovered their abilities to fight, which is very important, and they have the clearest minds from among the Europeans.

And all the Europeans are panicked! They're trying to pretend that they're not bankrupt. You know, which is pretty obvious that they are bankrupt. The British Empire is also bankrupt. It happens to be some kind of a dinosaur, an ancient dinosaur which came up from someplace, but it's not really human.

But in general you have all these nations are assuming, "that's the problem! That's the problem! They're the problem. The Greeks are the problem, the Greeks are the problem! They're not behaving themselves." And here you have a bunch of swindlers, I mean really swindlers — like American swindlers, German swindlers; the Germans are the less swindler, generally. We got some German swindlers, but the leadership of Germany is not as bad as the rest of Europe. Because the German system has a real economic basis, where most of the other nations in Europe have lost their economic basis and are simply acting out like toilet paper blown in the wind. Which is not a pretty picture, I admit.

OGDEN:: It's not the right flag.

LAROUCHE: No it's not, and that's exactly the problem. The problem lies not with the Greeks. The Greeks are not the problem. It is those who are persecuting the Greeks, who are the problem: The British Empire, first, and most other nations in the European field, are all failures. They're going down, they're going bankrupt. And we've been talking about this for some time, at this table. And we've seen the pattern of decline, of the economy of nations of the trans-Atlantic community, in the northern part of the trans-Atlantic community.

And it's going now, into the crash phase; we're entered on the crash phase. The United States has entered into a crash phase, that's a fact. And most of Europe is in a crash phase. The most secure nation in Western and Central Europe is Germany. Russia is very stable right now, relative to all of the nations in its neighborhood. Germany has a quality within it, — it has idiots, like other nations do, and these are often very highly paid idiots, relatively speaking......