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Saturday, March 16, 2013

The High Jesuits control The Masonic Muslim Leaders of The Middle east

The High Jesuits control The Masonic Muslim Leaders of The Middle east

Published on 16 Mar 2013

People of the Middle East do not trust ANY of these leaders for they will bring you to the eve of destruction. As it was planned 142 years ago by Albert Pike to rage a war between Israel and The Middle East spreading international, why do you think Israel was created by High level Freemasonry ? To destroy the True Jews and Muslims at the same time all for the Jesuit papacy to rebuild the Temple of Solomon which requires to destroy The Al Aqsa Mosque. There is a big chance that the Quran was also a doctrine from the Old Roman Empire brought to Muhammad by North African Augustian Monks together with St Francis of Assisi , and why do we find near every Mosque a Catholic Church ? and why is the Roman Empire called the Whore of Babylon ?

Why does George Bush get a Medal from Hamid Karzai after shooting Afghanistan to pieces ? Why does George Bush holds hands and even kisses with King Abdullah ?
Why was The Jesuit Order created based on Templarism and The Islamic Assassins ?
Why does Al Assad comes on visit @ King Juan Carlos who is a Farnese Descendant ?
Why did the black Pope controlled The Masonic High Council of Egypt for 7 years out of Lebanon ? Why does Mammoud Abbas alway's laughs when he is near The Pope or King Carlos of Spain ?

The Jesuit and SMOM invasion of Iraq by George Bush was nothing else then a crusade and an inquisition on Shia Islam discrediting christianity ans slaughering Shia Muslims of whom the papacy knows that they will oppose the Vatican , Iraq expelled the Jesuits in 1969 , this was paybacktime , that's how these devils are , 911 was an insidejob, The High level Sunni Muslims have all the oil and Money and are close with the papacy , Mekka and Turkey are both controlled by The Jesuit order , The Muslim brotherhood is controlled by The Knight of Malta Palavincini's through The Masonic High Council of Egypt and The Knight of Malta controlled CIA..........

Sarkozy is a Papal Zionist and a member of the Golden Fleece he got a medal from King Juan Carlos
Inside Story - Mediterranean Union - 13 Jul 08 - Part 1

The New Pope Francis I is a High Level 4th Vow Jesuit Provincial - serving the Black Pope -

Jesuits, Illuminati, The Black Pope -

THE BRITISH CROWN = Jesuit Controlled since King George III 1773-

New Pope in Jesuit Order - A secret society older than the Illuminati or Templar Knights - Scripted Armagedon Looms Large -

All Wars Are Banker Wars -

To War! To War! - Nevermind Russian promise of Armageddon over Syria - Martin Dempsey’s Five Options for War with Syria - None of which involve cessation of hostilities -

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