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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Proof Michael Hastings was Murdered by Car Bomb!


Published on Jun 20, 2013

WikiLeaks has now come forth stating Michael Hastings contacted their lawyer Hours before he was killed . Michael said the FBI was after him ! Note : Only an explosion can launch a Mercedes Motor half a football field away !!

Seems to me that there is a lot of “gap” between the tree and the cab of the car, and no wreckage in there — just empty space.
Had the car hit the tree at high speed, causing all that damage, I think the cab would be scrunched right up against the trunk. Like when they say that Jed “wrapped his Camaro around” a telephone pole.

         It looks to me like the car bumped into the tree and that triggered a detonation.
In an violent explosion more conducive to a fire-prone ’75 Ford Pinto, rather than a newer model Mercedes, investigative reporter Michael Hastings, 33, is being mourned following his mysterious death in a fiery crash in Los Angeles, California, which we noted here yesterday.

But people are beginning to ask a lot of questions about the circumstances leading up to Hastings’ untimely death. After all, he brought down Gen. Stanley McChrystal via his crack reporting skills. Hastings was warned by McChrystal staffers that any bad information reported about the general would be met with his death. All in jest, right?

Hastings, just a couple of weeks ago, was reporting on the Democrats’ love of spying on Americans. And then we learn, via The Telegraph, out of Britain, that Hastings contacted WikiLeaks right before his death.

Yeah, about that death. We learn that there were no skid marks leading up to the tree Hastings allegedly ran into. The engine is down the road. And the blazing fire that followed the impact of the tree was so hot and intense that the body of the driver was utterly incinerated, according to the Los Angeles Coroner’s office.

And that tree? If he hit it as hard and as fast as they claim, that tree would likely not be still standing. We suspect that it was a car bomb, not unlike the spook-orchestrated, 1976 car bombing of Chilean diplomat and economist Orlando Letelier on a Washington D.C. street.

The message here is that reporters need to keep their heads down and do as they are told. Hastings’ mistake, they would say, was that he didn’t go along with the program. You don’t just take down a US general – a key figure in the battle against the “War on Terror” – and not face some consequences. Hastings knew government spooks were following him. He got death threats fairly regularly. Yet he soldiered on, refusing to give in to the thugs. He had some serious dirt, we are told, and was looking to expose

OffSpectrum with James Farganne

When I first saw this, I immediately wondered: WHY THE BLANKET?

Now I know. It’s because the front end of the car is almost completely GONE.

Check out these still shots, taken from Loudlabs News footage:


  1. Yes he was obviously murdered. One thing people need to check out is see how many Car accidents Pro Gun and Journalists have had.

    Look at all the people researching the BP oil spill that had...Accidents.

    To many car accidents.

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