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Monday, March 30, 2015

Benjamin Fulford March 30th 2015: Proposal for world federation has now been passed on to key power centers

Benjamin Fulford - March 30th 2015:

The White Dragon Society has proposed the creation of a world federation
(not a fascist New World Order) in order to achieve permanent world
peace and start a golden age of unprecedented progress and prosperity.
The proposal was made, during ongoing secret negotiations, to the
Pentagon, the Vatican, the Chinese, the British Commonwealth and other
power centers.

Under this proposal, the United Nations Security council would be
replaced by people representing the political consensus of seven major
regional groupings. These would be Africa, China, East Asia excluding
China, Europe including Russia, India, the Muslim world and North plus
South America. Decisions would be made by a majority and each region
would have a veto only for its own region. Each region would also have
its own meritocratically staffed future planning agency and people owned
central bank.

In addition, a meritocratic future planning agency would be established
for planning mega-projects that transcend regions. Technocrats with good
track records at existing international institutions like the World
Bank and the IMF would be invited to join either this or one of the
regional agencies.

The Pentagon, the Chinese armed forces and the Russian armed forces
would gradually integrate to form a planetary protection force.

So far the Pentagon plus the agencies, the P2 lodge (the Vatican), the
Chinese, the Russians, the Germans and the British have all given
initial signs they support this plan.

The creation of such a structure would make it possible to resolve all
international disputes through arbitration, court cases or sporting
events instead of war.

It would also allow the release of equivalent of tens of trillions of
dollars to spend on an unprecedented campaign to end poverty, stop
environmental destruction, create new eco-systems and explore the
universe among other things.

In the public sphere we can find strong evidence that a new system has been agreed upon in principle. When China announced its Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the cabalists in Washington told their allies not to join. Since then, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, South Korea, Russia etc have all announced they would join. This forced the IMF and the World Bank to also announce their support. In other words, the secret controllers of the Federal Reserve Board have lost control.

What is left of the old financial system is a combination of a
functional retail system and a dysfunctional institutional system. In
other words, salaries, electricity bills and the like are still being
handled in a realistic basis at the street level but stock markets, bond
markets, hedge funds and the like have left the real world a long time
ago. Super computers, algorithms and their handlers are duking it out
with each other using quadrillions or decadecillions (look it up, there
is such a number) of dollars in complete detachment from a real world
where one year of world GDB is only $100 trillion. The plug is about to
be pulled on all that.

The Satan worshipping Khazarian (Hyksos)
families that controlled the old system are now circling the wagons
around their ancestral homelands of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel. This
is what is behind the announcement of an “Arab” army. Note that this is
not a Muslim army since Turkey, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan and
other Muslim nations are not joining because they know the Hyksos
countries are actually run by Satan
worshippers. The Hyksos countries are being attacked by a joint
Pentagon, Turkish and Iranian force and will soon be forced to
surrender. In the propaganda news this attack is being explained as two
separate events, one involving a US/Iranian attack against ISIS in Iraq
and the other as a Saudi/Israeli attack on Yemen.

The other Khazarian strong points outside of the Middle East are the US
South West, the Western Ukraine and parts of the Russian mob. These are
all being dealt with.

In the US, special forces are conducting “exercises” in Texas, Utah,
Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and California that are in reality a move
against the Satanic networks there.

In the Ukraine, a joint German/Russian task forces is dismantling the Khazarian controlled military and gangster forces.

There has also been more information provided by the Russians about the
mystery of Vladimir Putin. In the video at the link below (in Russian)
you can see clearly that not only are there multiple Putins but there
were also multiple Boris Yeltsins and multiple copies of the same Czar.


The various Putins can be seen in the picture below:

This latest information from the Russians has allowed this writer to
finally figure out a mystery. Over the years, multiple sources including
the Chinese, the Yakuza and the Pentagon have talked about how Western
leaders were being replaced with clones. I never wrote about it because
it seemed too weird.

Now however, checking the historical sources, I found out what is behind
the clone business. The predecessors of the Hyksos were the Hittites in
what is now Anatolia, Turkey. The Hittite leaders were being constantly
killed in never ending power struggles. The Hyksos solved this problem
by placing puppets on the throne and keeping the real leadership secret.
The puppets could be replaced by look-alikes whenever they were killed.

The Japanese Yakuza once told me they killed George Bush Sr. and he was
replaced by a clone. I heard something similar from the British. I also
heard that North Korea’s Kim Jong Il was replaced by a clone. There is
no need to invoke the supernatural or unknown science to explain how
this could be possible. It would simply be a matter of finding several
identical people and grooming them to act like a leader during public
events. The real leaders could then write the “acting presidents’”
scripts from behind the scenes without fear of assassination.

The question then of course becomes one of finding out who the real
script writers or secret leaders are. Thanks to the internet and the
ongoing global awakening, a lot of them have already been flushed out.
We all know about the Rothschilds, the George Soros types, Freemasons, the gnostic Illuminati, the P2 lodge etc.

What these various secret groups all have in common is that highly
influential people gather in secret and form a consensus. They then
force the public puppets like Prime Ministers etc. to carry out whatever
decisions were made in secret.

However, there also now exist benevolent secret groups fighting for the
average man and not for the benefit of a Satan worshipping elite. They
need to stay secret in order to avoid assassination by the Satanists.

The battle has now reached the point where the Satanists are negotiating
a surrender to the Red and Blue, the White Dragon Society and their

According the MI5 sources “the negotiations will be conducted against a
backdrop of a rolling banking and financial meltdown in EU with massive
calls on UK finances to bail out Germany, Italy, Spain etc. This
scenario is likely sooner than later certainly over the summer.”

 Furthermore according to the same source “Parliament was proroged
(suspended from power) last Thusday in preparation for the election
campaign. In effect the country is now being run by Cabinet Office and
Sir Jeremy Heywood, Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service,
until putatative ministerial oversight returns with a new Government
sometime after May 7th. I need say no more.” In other words, the UK now
has a meritocratic government.

The US is also now under a de facto meritocratic government headed by
the Pentagon and the agencies. In Japan, meanwhile, preparations are
also underway for regime change. The Emperor’s US based handlers
contacted the WDS after the Japan Independence Party called for the
arrest of cabal stooge Shinzo Abe. The Bushes want to make a deal.

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  1. Amazing! Knew for years that our economic way of life would change, and Bashar confirmed a few months back that in September to October our whole world would change. This is sounding great for all of us! My prayers and blessings will be for all the knights and angels who fight for the good of man and the good of the universe! Peace and Light.