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Thursday, December 22, 2016

ISIS update 12/22/2016..Kurdish YPG Forces seize 60 villages in Raqqa

Kurdish YPG Forces Seize About 60 Villages From ISIS In Syrian Province Of Raqqah

Syrian War Report – December 22, 2016: Turkish Forces Storming Al-Bab, Suffer Heavy Casualties

Reports from Damascus outskirts | December 20th 2016

Kafrya and Foua Escapees Arrive in Safety in Latakia

Aleppo International Airport readies for reopening after months conflict

Evacuation of people from Aleppo resumes

All militants have reportedly moved out of eastern Aleppo

Militants' Evacuation Ends, Aleppo Freed, Entire City Comes under Army's Control

....On the other side of the war, radio exchanges are heard among Syrian army and Hezbollah commanders felicitating each other on the landmark victory that is a turning point in the war on terrorism in Syria and will be of unrivaled weight at any political talks on the future of Syria.

People All throughout Aleppo are heard shouting Allah-u-Akbar (God is Great) from above their rooftops and mosques in a show of joy and victory.

Aleppo will once again see a clam day and there will be many family reunions when citizens come together from the West and the East to celebrate end of war in their city. They will shed tears, but this time of joy, today or tomorrow.

Rifts are widening among the militants over the major loss, with each faction blaming others for the humiliating defeat that took such a short time that even surprised Syrian army commanders.

Ever since Tuesday, the terrorists have been on the run retreating from one district to another Southeast of Aleppo city, while tens of militants were turning themselves in to the army men in newly-captured regions.

Since the capture of Iron Gate (Bab al-Hadid) district, the Syrian pro-government forces captured the Old Aleppo quarter, Al-Marja, Sheikh Lutfi, al-Zeidiyeh, Seif al-Dowleh, Karam al-Jabal, al-Qayoul, al-Farafereh, Qastal al-Hararmi, al-Bayadheh, al-Safsafeh, al-Qasliyeh, Ma'adi, Bab an-Nayrab, Jbb al-Quebeh, Bab al-Nasr, al-Mashatiyeh, al-Jadideh, Bab al-Maqam, al-Fardos, Karam Humad, al-Boloura, al-Asila, al-Zabdya, Maqale', al-Ansari, al-Salehin, al-Kalasa, al-Ansari
al-Mash'had, al-Sukri, Karam al-Da'ada, al-Nezha, Sheikh Saeed, Bostan al-Qasr (Bustan al-Kaser) districts.

Assad: Liberation of Aleppo victory for Syria, Iran, Russia

Syria's envoy slams panel on war crimes

‘Obama administration lost its game in Syria’ – Russian senator Pushkov

Did the Pentagon kill the Syria Peace Deal?

Russia says dialog with US frozen

Russia pays tribute to murdered diplomat Karlov

Gulen denies role in Russia envoy assassination

Iraqi Counter Terrorism Forces close to liberating six new neighbourhoods

Mosul: ISIS members killed by Federal Police artillery

Daesh "indiscriminately" attacks civilians in Mosul

Residents in the liberated neighbourhoods of Mosul praise the Iraqi forces


British Generals in Syria to Recruit Aleppo Terrorists

Russian Air Force Hits ISIL Targets as Syrian Army Repels Offensive West of Palmyra

Terrorists Sustain Heavy Casualties in Syrian Army's Massive Operations in Homs

Syrian Army Gives Militants Last Ultimatum to Leave Eastern Aleppo

Syrian Troops Find Several Prisons, Torture Dungeons of Terrorists in Aleppo

British Intelligence Agency behind White Helmets' Lies in Syria

Syrian Army Advances in Eastern Ghouta, Kills Al-Nusra Commander

Terrorists in Eastern Aleppo Traffic Civilians' Body Organs

Dara'a Likely to Join Ceasefire Plan in Syria

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