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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Russia says will respond to US "hostile steps"

Russia says will respond to US "hostile steps" - YouTube

Russia has cautioned the US against adopting new anti-Moscow measures over allegations that the Kremlin sought to influence the November’s race for the White House. Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman further rejected as lies Washington’s claims that Russians hacked into the U-S election system. Maria Zakharova argued that the Obama administration was trying to damage US-Russia ties because it failed to achieve its goals during the election. The reaction came after three US senators warned that Russia and its president could face sanctions over the country's alleged interference in last month's presidential election. US President Barack Obama is expected to announce retaliatory measures as early as Thursday.

‘Any further hostile actions from US will trigger Moscow reaction’ – Foreign Ministry

Zakharova on Obama's threats: If Washington takes new hostile steps, it will receive a tough answer!

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