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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Yemen/ Saudi/ Bahrain update 12/28/2016..Yemenis hold tour of captured camp in Asir, Saudi Arabia

UN Arms Treaty collapsing in Yemen

Yemen Emergency

This is not Aleppo. It's Yemen Children starving. Due to the blockade by Saudi coalition

Distortion of Russia’s Policy in Yemen by Saudi Media click cc for English

Yemenis hold a tour at the captured camp of the Saudis Province of Asir, Saudi Arabia

Desert warfare: Close up of an anti-tank minefield planted by Houthi forces in northern Yemen

Saudi Regime Halts Paying Mercenaries in Ma'rib, Al-Qaeda Smuggles Weapons to Aden

A senior Yemeni military commander disclosed that the Riyadh government has cut the wages of its mercenaries in Ma'rib province. "The pro-Saudi militias have revised their military plots after sustaining heavy defeats from the Yemeni forces, including cutting the salaries of their mercenaries in Yemen's Ma'rib province," Senior Ansarullah Commander Hesam Qais told FNA on Wednesday. He reiterated that Saudi Arabia has halted its financial and logistic aids to some of its mercenaries after they were badly defeated by the Yemeni forces. "Saudi Arabia has stopped sending financial aid and foodstuff to pro-Hadi militias due to its grave budget deficit," Qais said.

Meantime, a road accident unveiled smuggling of weapons and explosives to Aden by Al-Qaeda. A vehicle was exploded in an accident in Arqoub road as and the ammunition that it was carrying blasted. The exploded vehicle was heading from al-Baydha province to Aden province, when the blast took place as a result of the accident.

In relevant remarks on Tuesday, an activist said that the international human rights organizations' reports on Saudi Arabia's crimes in Yemen merely display the tip of an iceberg, adding that Riyadh is killing civilians deliberately. "The International Human Rights Watch has released just a little part of Saudi Arabia's use of cluster bombs in Yemen," Head of the Legal Center for Yemen's Development Taha Abu Taleb said. He said that Saudi Arabia's crime of using the US and British cluster bombs is much more horrible than what has been released by the HRW. "Saudi Arabia is violating all international laws and regulations by deliberately killing the civilians and destroying Yemen's infrastructures," Abu Taleb said. Saudi Arabia admitted earlier this month that it used UK-manufactured cluster bombs against Yemeni people, increasing pressure on the British government which has repeatedly refused to curb arms sales to Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia said it would cease to use UK-manufactured cluster bombs and that it had informed the UK government of this decision. “It has become apparent that there was limited use by the coalition of the UK-manufactured BL755 cluster munitions in Yemen,” said a spokesman for the Saudi forces in Yemen, Ahmed al-Asiri. He went on to claim that the bombs were only used against legitimate military targets and that the kingdom was not part of the convention banning the use of such munitions. “Some states have undertaken a commitment to refrain from using cluster munitions by becoming party to the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions. Neither Saudi Arabia nor its coalition partners are state parties to the 2008 convention, and accordingly, the coalition’s use of cluster munitions does not violate the obligations of these states under international law,” he said. He noted that Riyadh has decided to stop the use of cluster bombs and that it has informed the British government of its decision.

The Saudis' announcement came after a British Defense Ministry inquiry showed that Riyadh had used UK-supplied cluster bombs in Yemen.

Bahrain Activist: Nabeel Rajab granted bail, case moved to Jan 23

Prominent Bahraini Rights Activist Released Pending Trial

Nabeel Rajab, the prominent Bahraini human rights campaigner, who was in custody for months, was released pending his trial. Jalila Sayed, the defense lawyer representing Rajab, said the activist was freed on Wednesday after a long court hearing, adding that he will appear again in court on January 23, presstv reported. Wednesday’s court decision followed requests to release the 52-year-old rights campaigner over health problems. "Nabeel is overall weak because of… heart problems and other physical issues," Sayed said, adding, "He's under tremendous stress because of this length of detention."

Rajab had been repeatedly detained for organizing anti-regime protests in the Persian Gulf country and publishing online comments deemed insulting to the ruling dynasty. He was pardoned for health reasons last year but was rearrested in June over tweets he posted in March 2015 criticizing the Manama regime for torturing prisoners at a local jail and for its involvement in the deadly Saudi aggression against Yemen. According to state media, Rajab is accused of "spreading false news and rumors and inciting propaganda during wartime.” He categorically denies the charges.

Last week, the United Nations called on Bahrain to “immediately and unconditionally” release Rajab. Human Rights Watchdog has also criticized the charges brought against the activist, saying they "inherently violate the right to free expression."

Bahrain, a close ally of the US, has been rocked by a wave of anti-regime demonstrations since mid-February 2011. Scores of people have been killed and hundreds of others injured or detained amid Manama’s ongoing crackdown on dissent and widespread discrimination against the country’s Shia majority.

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