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Friday, December 30, 2016

Yemen/ Saudi update 12/30/2016..Yemeni military fire rockets into Thuwal. Province Jizan, Saudi Arabia.

Yemen. 29.12.2016. Yemeni military and the Houthis are fighting with Saudi mercenaries in the area of the Servakh, in the province of Marib.

The Yemeni military to fire rockets into the positions of Saudis under the city of Thuwal. Province Jizan, Saudi Arabia.

Airstrike of the air force Saudi Arabia to Sana'a.

Houthis shot down a Saudi helicopter. Province Najran, Saudi Arabia. Video from the Iranian channel. Possible old movie.

29.12.2016. Yemeni military and the Houthis repelled the offensive of the Saudi mercenaries in Nahm area of Sana'a governorate.

Yemeni Army Shoots Down Saudi Spy Drone over Jizan Province

The Yemeni Army and popular forces shot down a Saudi spy drone flying over Jizan province Southwest of the kingdom. The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was brought down after it was intercepted over the strategic Mash'al military base in Jizan province. Local security sources said that the Saudi drone was on a surveillance mission, taking images of the Yemeni Army and Ansarullah’s facilities. In a relevant development on Thursday, the Yemeni forces shot down a Saudi Apache helicopter in the kingdom’s Southern Najran Province in fresh counterattacks in response to Riyadh’s deadly military aggression. The chopper was brought down on Thursday as it was attacking positions held by the Yemeni fighters, Al Masirah reported. The report further noted that the Yemeni forces destroyed an Abrams tank and killed five Saudi soldiers at Najran’s Qiyadah military base.

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