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Saturday, January 7, 2017

ISIS update 1/07/2017..Up to 60 killed in car bomb blast in city near Aleppo

Up to 60 killed in car bomb blast in city near Aleppo

Over 40 dies bomb rocks northern town of A'zaz in Syria

The Kurds and their allies liberated the village of West Suwedia. The Raqqa province.

Syrian forces launch offensive to regain control over Damascus water supply

UN: Waterborne diseases threaten Damascus kids

200 moderate terrorists with their weapons surrendered to the Syrian authorities and was pardoned. The Province of Damascus.

Syrian troops push to retake Wadi Barada

Capitulation Wadi Barada

Action here in December offered stubborn resistance by holding the strategically important valley, upon which they could affect the water supply of Damascus. The attacks from the south rebels fought off quite confidently. But these days the Syrians have come from the other side - kick CAA and groups "Hezbally" north of the valley, has led to the fact that the militants have lost a number of tactically important heights and their position in the western part of the Wadi Barada deteriorated. After that, they urgently requested a truce.

After the negotiations with the representatives of the Armed Forces, and the CAA "Hezbally" agreements were reached:

1. Action allow the enclave professionals of tomorrow, which will restore the infrastructure related to water supply in Damascus.

2. Foreign mercenaries, as well as members of militias, which are not covered by the ceasefire agreement (in the first place, "Al-Nusra"), should be traditionally taken in Idlib.

3. At the same time, militants from the local, be allowed to leave small arms, and they in fact will be the local police, who will maintain order in the enclave together with the CAA.

4. All heavy and medium weapons should be handed over CAA - this applies to tanks, infantry combat vehicles, howitzers, mortars, etc. ZUshek

In general, there is a traditional scheme with vyprovazhivaniem militants in Idlib and reintegration of remaining in the Syrian society in the framework of national reconciliation strategy conducted by the Syrian government. It is true there is one difference, as previously remaining on the territory of the Syrian rebels were not allowed to leave even a small arms, preferring to allow them to serve in the local police only after filtration. But it was apparently a concession in exchange for an early solution to the issue of water supply of Damascus.

Of course, the coordination procedures and the removal of the militants still take some time - on the one hand, it is reported that the removal of roadblocks militants began in the eastern enclave, on the other hand, it is reported that the Syrian engineers to obstruct the work. So the question remains to be surrender of the enclave to its logical end, but I think if the insurgents do not suddenly abandon the agreement, an enclave within a maximum of two weeks will come under the control of the CAA.

Large areas of the villages of Wadi Barada turned into rubble and destruction as a result of hundreds of air raids and waves with artillery and rockets during the ongoing campaign for 16 days in a row.

Syria’s war: Ceasefire hangs by a thread as fighting rages

Russia scales down military presence in Syria following ceasefire deal

Talks w/o US don't impact counter-Daesh coalition. 06 Jan 2017

Top Opposition Figure Nawaf al-Bashir Repents and Returns to Syria

Iraqi forces enter Mosul from North for first time

Iraq. Soldiers of the Iraqi police are fighting the terrorists of ISIS near the hospital al-Salam in the east Mosul. The Province Of Nineveh.

Iraqi troops recapture areas in east of Mosul

Mosul residents repel another Shia gang attack on mosul outskirts and seize equipment


Militant Groups Ask for Army's Help to Get Rid of Al-Nusra Front

Al-Baghdadi Orders Release of ISIL's Inmates to Gather More Fighters

Terrorists' Religious Leader Acknowledges Defeat in Syria Battle

Iraqi Popular Forces Expel US Soldiers from Key Mountain in Salahuddin Province

Syria: Opposition Groups' Commanders Seeking Gov't Amnesty

Iraqi Forces Capture ISIL's Command Center in Mosul

Syria: Nusra Terrorists Withdraw from More Key Positions in Northwestern Damascus

First Airplane Takes Off from Aleppo International Airport After Years of Conflict

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