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Monday, January 16, 2017

ISIS update 1/16/2017..Iraqi forces stemming last terrorists in Mosul University

Iraqi forces stemming last terrorists in Mosul University

Iraq: special forces clear Mosul's houses one by one to rescue residents and find IS militants

Fierce clashes between Iraqi forces and ISIS in Mosul

Iraqi soldiers make big advances against ISIL militants in Mosul

Iraqi Military Source: ISIL Leaders Escaping Eastern Mosul

Most of the field leaders of the ISIL terror group fled Mosul neighborhoods that are still under their control, according to a military source.

“Dozens of ISIL leaders have fled the houses that were under their control, leaving their weapons behind”, Captain Ahmed al-Obeidi, an officer in the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Force “ICTF” said Badr News reported.

He added that ISIL militants have informed the residents of neighborhoods under their control that they lost the battle and they will leave the city.

“The militants of ISIL have left the neighborhoods of Younis, Al-Jazaeir, Al-Numaniya and the Central Street, and slipped through uninhabited routes down to the Tigris River after shaving their beards for fear of being arrested by the Iraqi troops”, Al-Obeidi concluded.

January 16, 2017: ISIS Overruns Army Defenses In Deir Ezzor

January 15, 2017 SYRIA Syrian army attacked the LIH in the hills around Deir ez-Zor

Syrian Army Delivers Devastating Blow To Militants In Wadi Barada

Saudi Wahhabi Muhaysni Calling on Wadi Barada Men to Fight SAA

Syria. 15.01.2017. The Kurds repel the attacks of the ISIS on the village of Odan liberated from terrorists 14.01.2017. Province of Raqqa.


Russian air force carried out air strikes on ISIS near the town Maskana, destroyed a convoy of fuel tankers. Province of Aleppo.

ISIS showing Russian airstrike results | January 15th 2017 | Aleppo province

Turkey-Backed Terrorists Preparing for Large-Scale Offensive in Northern Syria

A high-ranking security source in the Operation Room of Syria's Allies disclosed on Monday that terrorist groups in Idlib are getting ready to carry out a large-scale operation against government forces in Northern Syria with the back up of Turkey.

"The constant monitoring of the movements made by the terrorists, specially at Syria's borders with Turkey, show that militants have transferred a large volume of military equipment, including tanks, machineguns and ammunition to Idlib," the source said, adding that a large number of fresh fighters are also under training in military camps.

In the meantime, trainers are preparing suicide attackers for this upcoming operation, the source said.

"Militants' measures testify that they are planning to carry out a new round of offensives in Northern Syria," the source said.

"Corroborative evidence and information show that Turkish officers are on Syrian territories and are managing and organizing terrorist groups. The Turkish officers, meantime, are leading the militants with plans and objectives," the source underlined.

Another security source in the operations room of Syria's allies disclosed earlier this month that Turkey and al-Nusra Front (recently renamed to Fatah al-Sham Front) increased contacts to pressure Russia through certain joint moves in Idlib to make concessions in Astana peace talks.

The source underlined that al-Nusra Front was preparing for several attacks, ordered by Turkey, to weaken the ceasefire.

Ankara has also called on the terrorists to launch different attacks on several points so that Russia would be forced to make concessions in Astana negotiations.

The source added that Turkey aims to persuade the terrorists to show hostile behavior towards the Syrian army to pressure Russia and find a place for al-Nusra Front in the peace talks.

Russia to upgrade its military in Syria

Iran to keep backing Syria, President Assad


ISIL Suffers Heavy Losses in Syrian Army Attacks East of Aleppo

Syria: Over 60 'Euphrates Shield Operation' Troops Killed, Wounded in ISIL's Attack

Unidentified UAV Shooed Away from No-Fly Zone in Tehran

Turkey-Backed Terrorists Preparing for Large-Scale Offensive in Northern Syria

Report: ISIL Chief Forcing Foreign Militants to Choose Suicide Attacks in Mosul or Returning Home

Syria: Unpaid Members of Terrorist Groups Refuse to Do Military Missions in Hama

Syrian Army Scores More Victories against ISIL Terrorists nears T4 Airbase

Kurdish Media: ISIL's 2014 Attack against Erbil Warned by General Soleimani 10 Days Earlier

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