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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

ISIS update 1/17/2017..ISIS splits Dier ez-Zor in two

Iraqi Security Forces retake Yaramjah neighbourhood from ISIS

Iraqi commander: 90% of eastern part of Mosul under army's control

Iraqi Forces Are Close To Full Liberation Of Eastern Mosul From ISIS

Report: ISIL Chief Trapped in Iraq's Mosul

An Iraqi commander said the ringleader of the ISIL terror group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is believed to be trapped in the Northern Iraqi city of Mosul after his numerous attempts to escape the city, now-besieged by the Iraqi forces failed.

A senior commander in Hashd al-Shaabi’s Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq group, Jawad al-Tleibawai, said in a statement published by Bas News that initial information obtained by the group’s intelligence bodies suggests that al-Baghdadi is in the province of Nineveh and more specifically inside the city of Mosul.

The ISIL leader was previously considered to have fled Iraq and moved to the group's main stronghold, the Syrian city of Raqqa.

The Tleibawai's statement on Baghdadi's presence in Mosul comes as earlier reports said that the ISIL Chief has sent delegations to pro-ISIL Arab states to ask for more financial aid and arms shipments.

Dr. Omar Badr al-Din, who is a senior expert in the field of extremist groups, said Al-Baghdadi is trying hard to prevent the imminent fall of Mosul city to Iraqi forces.

"Sources in Mosul have disclosed that al-Baghdadi is trying to establish links with more rich sponsors in Arab states to encourage them widen arms purchase and shipments to the ISIL, as the terrorist group has lost most of its weaponry in recent battles," Badr al-Din said, noting that "some ISIL members flee their positions without their weapons as Iraqi army troops advance in the region."

He further added that if ISIL fails to persuade its backers to assist it with funds, Mosul would fall to the army in no more than two weeks. "Even if ISIL receives new military hardware, the fall of the city will be definite", although it would take a longer time.

Badr al-Din said al-Baghdadi plans to stage a power show-off in the battle against the Iraqi army by planting numerous bombs and land mines in Western Mosul, "but the plan could deplete the entire military strength of the ISIL".

Iraqi government forces, backed by a aircraft and advisers from a US-led military coalition, launched two weeks ago the second phase of a major campaign that started in October to retake Mosul from ISIL militants. Since then, reports have been recurrent about divisions, infighting and accusations of treason among the group’s leaderships.

Iraqi military and police commanders have said recently they became in control over 90 percent of the eastern region of Mosul, and hope to move onwards to the West, where ISIL still maintains outstanding strongholds, and where Baghdadi is widely believed to shelter.

Earlier this week, Iraqi troops retook the Mosul University campus, the most remarkable ISIL stronghold in Eastern Mosul.

ISIS destroys civilian homes in Mosul

Damaged bridges impede IDPs' escape from ISIS

Islamic scholars stand with Iraq in the country's fight against ISIS

The suffering of IDPs worsens in Kirkuk Province

Lavrov: It’s right to invite US to Syria talks in Astana

Shoigu Slams Pentagon Chief: Carter got wrong country when he said Russia had done zero in Syria

US “deceitful” in dealing with terrorists

Syrian militants to attend Kazakhstan negotiations

Syrian PM arrives in Tehran on official visit

Khamis: Damascus owes gains in war to Tehran

Further progress made by the Syrian Democratic Forces against ISIS

Rakka Arab tribes support their QSD forces

Aftermath of the air strike on jihadi headquarters Talbiseh, Syria | January 16th 2016

Syrian War Update –Palmyra Front (January 17, 2017): Pro-Government Counter-Offensive.

Hama: Over 5,000 families displaced due to violence

ISIS splits Dier ez-Zor in two | January 16th 2017

Syrian War Report – January 17, 2017: ISIS Developing Advance In Deir Ezzor

Hundreds of Fresh Army Soldiers, Hezbollah Fighters Sent to Deir Ezzur to Face ISIL

A military source disclosed minutes ago that hundreds of Syrian Army soldiers and fighters of the Lebanese Hezbollah Movement have been dispatched to Deir Ezzur today to reinvigorate government forces and confront advancing ISIL terrorists.

The source said that while the Syrian and Russian fighter jets have intensified their anti-ISIL combat flights in Deir Ezzur, hundreds of army soldiers and Hezbollah combatants have arrived in the region to take part in an imminent operation to take back the lands lost to the ISIL in the last 24 hours.

The source rejected reports about collapse of the Deir Ezzur airbase, and said, "The ISIL has suffered heavy casualties but due to the huge number of its forces, they are trying hard to approach the airbase."

Local sources said yesterday that a large number of ISIL's injured members were transferred to terrorist-held Raqqa city.

Another senior Syrian military official also in remarks earlier today rejected media claims that Deir Ezzur airbase is on the verge of collapse due to ISIL's repeated offensives, and said the army forces and their allies have resisted against the terrorists for over two years and will continue their counterattacks in future.

"Despite ISIL's penetration in 22 positions in Southern Deir Ezzur, the army operations to drive them out have prevented them from establishing their military presence," the official told FNA on Tuesday.

He underlined that the security ring of the Syrian army around Deir Ezzur airbase is highly strong, and said that they have been resisting against the ISIL for over two and a half years and didn’t allow its collapse and "the collapse of the airbase now will be impossible". The official said that the Syrian troops' aerial, artillery and missile attacks against the ISIL have blocked the terrorists' advance in the region despite their massive offensive against the army in the past few days.  

Syrian army fights back IS Jihadists in Deir Ez-Zour city

Deir ez-Zor. 17.01.2017 

Briefly on the situation in Deir ez-Zor.

On the morning of January 17 between the airbase Deir ez-Zor region,
and is the base year of "Panorama" (partially occupied by the
militants), University "Al-Furat" and hospital "Assad" fierce fighting

"Black" sought to expand the section break and to prevent connection to
the city garrison airbase, the CAA, in turn, tried to oust the
militants from the area Dzhitrii occupied buildings yesterday in the
track leading to the airbase.

Air strikes apparently slowed down and attack the militants appear to
have prevented the immediate collapse of the defense after a militant
15-16 January.

Hold positions in the hospital and university area, enabling SAA to
preserve some chances to connect with parts cut off at the air base, but
the chances of this are quite modest in the enemy's superiority in

Army positions in the western part of the air base under intense
artillery fire, at the same time the enemy attacks in the adjacent to
the base areas of Deir ez-Zone, aiming to oust the defending directly on
the base territory and destroy those clues in the defense, which still
allow the Syrians to rely on the provisions of the recovery.
The video 0525211996160 from the standpoint of the militants are seen south-eastern outskirts of the city.
The area to the northwest of Dzhitrii since the night piled different
bombs, including cluster and incendiary, seeking to inflict maximum
damage on manpower and equipment of the enemy.

The video 49,256,317,562,885 , the Syrian military talks directly from the Deir ez Zor of the current fighting. The main militant attacks on the air base and the University of Furat district is repulsed. Militants in the fighting have lost more than 100 men killed and wounded, 10 vehicles, 2 tanks and 1 MLRS BM-21. Major strikes were deposited in Dzhitrii, in the Al-Serdat in the base area of ​​"Panorama". City are going to defend to the last. At 16 pm, the main battles were fought in the vicinity of cemeteries near the university and Dzhitrii.
Sources fighters reported that during 15-17 January fighting killed
dozens of government soldiers, several people were taken prisoner.
According to unconfirmed reports wounded the governor of the province.
It is also reported that in order to maintain the high morale of the
fighters due to heavy losses, their commanders promised to all
participants of the assault enclave house in Deir ez-Zor in the award in
the event of victory.

In general, the situation remains critical for the CAA, but not yet hopeless.
If we manage to oust the militants from the area between the city in
the next few days and the air base, the situation will stabilize.

If the opponent is there to consolidate and expand the gap between the
city and air base, the city's supply issues will greatly hampered, and
militants dramatically increase your chances of mastering the airfield,
without which the future survival of the enclave would be called into


The Syrian Arab Army liberated from terrorists the town of Ain Khadar in the valley of Wadi Barada, in Damascus province.

The conflict in Wadi Barada continues between regime and opposition forces

SYRIA January 16, 2017 in the Wadi Barada

January 16, 2017 Syria Syrian army counter-attack fighters in Deir ez-Zor

Syria: 14,000 ISIL Terrorists Start Advancing in Deir Ezzur, City to Airbase Road Cut off

Tens of High-Ranking Turkish Army Officers Resign after Defeats in Northern Syria

Deir Ezzur: Syrian Army Wards off ISIL's Fresh Offensives with Warplanes' Back up

Official Dismisses Collapse of Deir Ezzur Airbase, Stresses Army's Fierce Reaction to ISIL Attacks

ISIL Centers in Deir Ezzur Receive Severe Blow in Syrian, Russian Air Raids

Hundreds of Fresh Army Soldiers, Hezbollah Fighters Sent to Deir Ezzur to Face ISIL

US, British, French Officers Training Terrorists in Jordan to Fight against Syrian Gov't

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