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Sunday, January 22, 2017

ISIS update 1/22/2017..More than 500 Daasha killed by the Syrian army operations in Deir ez-Zor

Syria January 21, 2017 The Syrian army is fighting with the militants in the Al-Makaber city of Deir ez-Zor

Deir ez-Zor. 01/22/2017

About the situation in Deir ez-Zor by the end of January 22, 2017.

Today, both sides tried to attack. The Caliphate has taken a number of attacks in the direction of the 137th base to the west of the base of the "Panorama". In the first phase the militants managed to oust several Syrian infantry, but heavy fire and air strikes have forced them to stop attacks and to regroup.

After lunch, he resumed the offensive and the enemy was able to advance to the crossroads of diverging to the 137th base and the base of the "Panorama". But by the evening of the Caliphate sources said that to keep the intersection of the "black" could not and were forced to withdraw to positions south of the road. Reported killed 16 soldiers and destroyed CAA 1 tank in the university district "Al-Furat". According to the Syrian to the "black" lost 20 men killed. It should also be noted that the Syrians today announced that total from the beginning of the offensive, the enemy lost 500 men killed sis-terrorists-killed-deir -ezzor-syrian-a rmy -reports / At the moment, fighting continues to the south of the road, "black" do not leave hopes to take control of the intersection.

CAA, in turn, has made some progress in the area of ​​the cemetery, reducing the distance to the leading positions in the area of ​​the air base. The enemy in this battle lost 30 men killed and wounded. But here it is worth remembering that the occupation of the cemetery and adjacent vacant lots still does not allow to establish a full connection with the airbase, as the road sweep of the road adjacent to the ruins of the residential areas from which militants oust the Caliphate is problematic. Plus airbase garrison must solve the problem of squeezing the militants District Jiraiya. The problem at this stage, there is decided on the forehead, on the outskirts of the building, the area of ​​the cemetery and Jiraiya applied airstrikes to push militants deeper into the city and clear the way for the infantry and Syrian militias. Low rates of promotion Syrians reflect the current difficulties (lack of quality assault infantry, a small number of armored vehicles, infantry stubborn resistance "black"), facing the Syrians against the resistance fighters.

Overall, the situation remains difficult for the Syrians, but not yet hopeless. Based on the area of ​​the University and Hospital, the CAA still has some hopes for the parts of the compound of the enclave, which actively prevents the enemy, leaving no hope to immediately destroy part of the enclave, while the situation on the other fronts, not forced them to withdraw the troops from here. So far, this situation is reversed - from Raqqa Deir ez-Zor were deployed additional reinforcements (infantry and carts). In turn, Syrian sources said that preparing to transfer reinforcements from the Republican Guard in Deir ez-Zor on the route Damascus-Kamishli-Deir ez-Zor. Fresh infantry Now there is clearly not hurt, especially people with the skills of action in urban environments and as part of the assault teams. Rumors of the death of General Issam Zahredinna, which is the main inspiration of the heroic defense of the city, as always proved greatly exaggerated. Its loss would be irreparable course, because the general personal example inspires subordinates, plays a very important role in the situation, when the furious attacks of the militants could undermine the morale of the defenders of Deir ez-Zor. Fights last few days have shown that despite the failure of January 15-17, the Syrians did not lose heart and continued resistance.

More than 500 Daasha killed by the Syrian army operations

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Iraqi forces preparing for operation on Western Mosul

Commander: Special Military Operations Underway to Win Back Remaining Parts of Western Mosul

A senior military commander disclosed that special military measures and operations are underway for seizing back the rest of the Western part of Mosul.

"A massive military power is ready to start the new phase of military operations for retaking the remaining regions in the Western part of the city of Mosul," Senior Hashd al-Shaabi (Iraqi volunteer forces) Commander Hadi al-Jazayeri told FNA on Sunday.

Al-Jazayeri said that Hashd al-Shaabi fighters have now taken position in Tal al-Abteh region and are ready to kick off fresh military operations against the ISIL terrorists.

The senior Hashd al-Shaabi commander, meantime, pointed to the delays in seizing back Tal Afar region to the West of Mosul, and said, "The Iraqi volunteer forces commanders have been asked for further delaying their military operations in Tal Afar to pave the way for exit of more civilians from those areas."

In a relevant development earlier on Sunday, Iraq's joint military forces continued their advances West of the city of Mosul and in the Eastern part of Salahuddin province, killing over a dozen ISIL terrorists.

"The Iraqi forces killed 20 ISIL terrorists in Tal al-Zalat region to West of Mosul city," Iraq's Command Headquarters announced.

Meantime, the Iraqi forces continued their advances in the Eastern part of Salahuddin province, killing five ISIL terrorists and injuring many more.

The Iraqi forces destroyed four military vehicles of ISIL and a depot of weapons and ammunition.

The strategic regions of Tal al-Zalat and Ein al-Jahesh were retaken from the ISIL on November 3, 2016.

The ISIL terrorist group is looking for an opening into the Syrian border by launching heavy attacks on strategic Tal al-Zalat, Tal al-Abteh and Ein al-Jahesh regions, but the Iraqi forces have repelled all these attacks.

A large amount of weapons and ammunition were seized from the ISIL terrorists.

Meantime, the Arabic-language al-Sumeria News quoted an unnamed security sources as saying that due to tight security measures in the city of Samarrah in Salahuddin province no terrorist act has taken place there.

Also on Friday, an Iraqi general said that most ISIL commanders in Mosul have been killed in battles with Iraqi government forces that raged over the past three months in the Eastern side of the city.

The fight to take the Western side of Mosul, which remains under the jihadists' control, should not be more difficult than the one on the Eastern side, said Lieutenant-General Abdul Ghani al-Assadi.

"God willing, there will be a meeting in the next few days attended by all the commanders concerned with liberation operations," he said, replying to a question on when he expects a thrust into the Western side of Mosul to begin.

"It will not be harder than what we have seen. The majority of ISIL commanders have been killed in the Eastern side." He did not give further details.

Since late 2015, government forces backed by their allied forces have wrested back large amounts of Northern and Western territory overrun by ISIL in a shock 2014 offensive.

On Thursday, regular Iraqi army troops captured the Nineveh Oberoy hotel, the so-called "palaces" area on the eastern bank of the Tigris, and Tel Kef, a small town just to the North according to military statements in Baghdad.

The army is still battling militants in al-Arabi, the last district which remains under their control east of the river, said one of the statements.

"God willing, there will be an announcement in the next few days that all the eastern bank is under control," Assai said.

On one of the streets newly recaptured from ISIL, men were reassembling breeze blocks into a wall that was blown up by a suicide car bomb several days ago.

Prime Minister Hailer al-Badri said earlier this week that ISIL had been severely weakened in the Mosul campaign, and the military had begun moving against it in the western half. He did not elaborate.


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