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Friday, January 6, 2017

Palestinian/ Israeli Trump update 1/06/2017..Netanyahu hails US lawmakers for support

Gazans grapple with lengthy power outages

Moving US embassy in Israel, redline

Government spokesman, Mohammed Momani, says an embassy move will be a red line for Jordan and will inflame the entire Islamic world. Momani added that Amman would use all possible means to try and prevent such a decision. During the presidential campaign, Trump said he intended to move the U-S embassy to Jerusalem al-Quds. Trump's choice for ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, has also said he looks forward to working from al-Quds. The United Nations officially terms East Jerusalem al-Quds as Palestinian territory, occupied by Israel.

US House slams anti-Israel UNSC resolution

Netanyahu hails US lawmakers for support

Mike Huckabee's Exclusive Interview with ILTV

Ted Cruz Slams 'Relentless Enemies of Israel' Obama and Kerry: 'These Acts Are Shameful'

Two arrested for making threats against Israeli judges in manslaughter trial

Occupation 101: Voices Of The Silenced Majority

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