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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Palestinian/ Israeli update 1/07/2017..Trump and Netanyahu Democrats come to Israel's aid

Israeli army stop Israelis on the way for a joint demonstration, 7.1.2017

Israeli army stop Israelis activists at "Eliyahu checkpoint" from reaching a joint demonstration at the West Bank village of Nabi Elias against expropriation of Palestinian lands for the building of an Israeli road, January 7, 2017. Video by: Keren Manor/ Tel Aviv cuts $6mn in UN funding

‘Trump will help Israel move to Jerusalem’

Trump-Netanyahu Democrats come to Israel's aid in Congress | The Electronic Intifada

The Trump-Netanyahu wing of the Democratic Party took aim Thursday at the Obama administration by helping pass a House resolution condemning the recent UN vote calling on Israel to stop building settlements on occupied Palestinian land.

The measure in Congress labeled UN Security Council Resolution 2334 “an obstacle to Israeli-Palestinian peace.”

For this wing of the party, Palestinians are expendable.

This has long been the case for the majority of US lawmakers, but this early bipartisan initiative signals that despite alarm-ringing about Trump, many Democrats will fail to stand up for human rights once the president-elect takes office.

The overall vote for the House resolution was 342-80. A majority of Democrats (109) joined with all but a handful of Republicans to back the measure, while 76 Democrats voted against it.

Texas Republican Louie Gohmert rejected the resolution on the grounds that it wasn’t pro-Israel enough because it mentioned a two-state solution. He said it would incur the wrath of God and “bring judgment down upon our nation for trying to partition Israel.”

The 109 Democrats rejected President Barack Obama’s belated willingness to allow the UN to condemn Israel’s illegal settlements, and were in effect Trump’s willing collaborators.

The Senate is expected to hold its own vote on the UN resolution soon.

Democrats delighted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who posted a video on social media praising the bipartisan vote.

Democratic more here....The Electronic Intifada

The Palestinian television broadcast at the Church of the Nativity Bethlehem. (Orthodox Christmas)

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