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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Putin says Russian prostitutes are the best in the world.. But I doubt Trump would have got hooked on that

Putin: Russian prostitutes are the best in the world - YouTube


"Trump arrived and immediately went to meet with Russian prostitutes. Firstly, this person is already a grown man and secondly, a man who for many years has been organizing beauty pageants and has spoken to the most beautiful women in the world. You know, it’s hard for me to imagine that he went to a hotel to meet with… women who are very liberal towards social responsibility, although, without a doubt, they too are the best in the world. But I doubt that Trump would have got hooked on that.
Finally, you know what I want to say, prostitution is a serious, disgusting social phenomenon. After all, young women who do this also do it mostly because they have no other way of securing an income. This is mostly the fault of society and the government. And those who order such fake [news], which is now being spread against the US President-elect, also come up with it, in order to use it as a political weapon, are worse than prostitutes. They don’t have any moral limitations. As a matter of fact, Russia constantly has to deal with these kinds of people, our opponents."

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