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Monday, January 2, 2017

Trump update 1/02/2017..Swamp-drainers of the whole world unite!

How will Trump handle the Russia sanctions?

Trump Spox Sean Spicer Snaps at CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Over ‘Unbelievable’ Russia Questions

Trump Speaker Downplays Imminent "Russian Hacking" Revelations; Says "Zero Evidence" Russia Involved

Over the weekend, Trump made waves among policy and media circles when during a brief, informal exchange with reporters on New Year's Eve at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, the president-elect questioned the official version of "Russians hacking the election", saying it was possible "somebody else" compromised the Democratic campaign’s servers, and adding that he will reveal some previously undisclosed facts in the coming days by hinting that "I also know things that other people don’t know, we they cannot be sure of the situation."

Asked what that information included, the Republican President-elect said, "You will find out on Tuesday or Wednesday." He did not elaborate.

This naturally prompted curiosity among the press, with some wondering what, if anything Trump knows, above and beyond what has been revealed, while others such as CNN's Jim Sciutto, suggesting that "Trump's promise of "new information" on #RussianHacking and his team's subsequent backing off has echoes of the birther campaign."

....Meanwhile, perhaps concerned by the build up in expectations, Trump's incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Monday sought to temper expectations that the President-elect will reveal new details about alleged Russian hacking during the U.S. presidential election in the coming days. “It’s not a question of necessarily revealing,” Spicer said on CNN’s “New Day.”

“He’s going to talk about his conclusions and where he thinks things stand. He’s not going to reveal anything that was privileged or was shared with him classified. I think he can share with people his conclusions of the report and his understanding of the situation and make sure people understand there’s a lot of questions out there. “

During the Monday interview, Spicer stressed that a report released last week that said the FBI and Department of Homeland Security had linked Russia to the hacking of Democratic party organizations is not final (it was also, as noted here yesterday, woefully inadequate and incomplete).

“The current president of the United states has not seen a final report. The intelligence community is talking about wrapping it up later this week,” he said. “I think that the idea that we’re jumping to conclusions before we have a final report is frankly irresponsible.”

Spicer also took a dig at host Alisyn Camerota. “I know this is frustrating for you that we are doing it in a logical way. We are going to actually get all the information, get briefed properly and then make a decision. We’re not going to put the cart before the horse.”

..........Following up his CNN appearance, Spicer later spoke on Fox News, and said that there’s “zero evidence” that Russia influenced the U.S. presidential election.

“The way the mainstream media is playing it up is that [Russia] had an influence on the election,” Spicer said on Fox News. “There is zero evidence that they actually influenced the election.”

Spicer emphasized on Monday that “whether or not they were hacked and they did anything is a completely different story” than whether Russia had an influence on the election. The incoming White House speaker also added that “hacking is wrong” and that “people shouldn’t be interfering,” but said the “13-page report is more of a how-to manual for the [Democratic National Committee] as to how they can improve their IT security.”

No matter what Trump will, or won't reveal, on "Tuesday or Wednesady", one thing is virtually certain: it will take place on Twitter, and will completely bypass the conventional press distribution apparatus, leading to even greater anger among the mainstream media. Trump repeats doubts on Russia hacking allegations

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China's Ambassador to US says he's open to working with Trump

Pres-ELect Protest - Celebs Call For Mr Trump To Step Down

Trump's Day 1 Plan 'Repeal A Lot'

The Trump Card Will Dominate 2017

DONALD TRUMP: THE SWAMP AND FIRE | The Fourth Political Theory

Alexander Dugin

“The Swamp” is to become the new name for the globalist sect, the open society adepts, LGBT maniacs, Soros’ army, the post-humanists, and so on. Draining the Swamp is not only categorically imperative for America. It is a global challenge for all of us. Today, every people is under the rule of its own Swamp. We, all together, should start the fight against the Russian Swamp, the French Swamp, the German Swamp, and so on. We need to purge our societies of the Swamp’s influence. Instead of fighting between ourselves, let us drain it together. Swamp-drainers of the whole world unite!

The other point is that anti-Americanism is over. Not because it was wrong, but exactly the opposite: because the American people themselves have started the revolution against precisely this aspect of the US that we all hated. Now the European ruling elite, as well as part of the Russian elite (that is still liberal), cannot be blamed as before for being too pro-American. They should now be blamed for being what they are: a corrupt, perverted, greedy gang of banksters and destroyers of cultures, traditions, and identities. So let us drain the European Swamp. Enough with Hollande, Merkel, and Brussels. Europe for Europeans. Soros and his sect should be publicly condemned.

From now on, the Swamp is an extraterritorial phenomenon, exactly like an international terrorist network. The Swamp is everywhere and nowhere. Yesterday, the center of the Swamp, its core, was situated in US, but not anymore. This is a chance for all of us to start hunting them. The Swamp no longer manifests itself in a regionally-fixed form. Nevertheless, it exists and is still very, very powerful. But its anti-national nature is now explicitly evident. The Swamp can no longer hide behind America. It has gone into exile. But where? To Canada? To Europe? To Ukraine? To other planets where various doped-up actors and actresses promised to emigrate in the case of Trump’s victory? Now it is time for them to fulfill their promise. This all seems like the globalists’ rapture. They are now absorbed in a non-space, a utopia, in the land of the liberal utopia – a no-man’s land. We are now witnesses to the deterritorialization of the Swamp, the globalist elite, and the World Government.

What is the structure of the Swamp?

First of all, the Swamp is an ideology – Liberalism. We need a Nuremberg Trial for Liberalism, the last totalitarian political ideology of Modernity. Let us close this page of history.

Secondly, the Swamp is a special post-modernist culture. It is based on the decomposition of any entity through digitalization, obligatory schizomorphism, and so on. To drain it signifies restoring the Apollonian unity of art. Art should return to holism.

Thirdly, it is transnational global capitalism. This is the material motor of the Swamp. It is loans and the Federal Reserve System printing poisonous green bills. We need to end all of this and return to the real productive sector and mercantilist approach.

I propose to rediscover the ideas of Pitirim Sorokin. He saw the social dynamic of history to be a chain of social paradigms which he called the ideational, idealistic, and the sensate. The ideational is the absolute domination of spirit over matter, asceticism, and the violent subjugation of the material world to spiritual and religious aspiration. The idealist type is balanced and based on the harmonious coexistence of the spirit and matter, where the spiritual part is slightly dominant but not exclusive (as in the ideational type). The sensate type of society is the domination of matter over spirit, the body over the soul. The Swamp is the sensate type of society. Until recently, it seemed that “sensate” and “American” were synonyms. But after Trump’s triumph, everything is different. Now the sensate is global and ex-centric. There is a kind of “translatio Imperii” nowhere and everywhere.

Sorokin stressed that the cyclical nature of society follows only one chain of succession: from the ideational to the idealistic to the sensate. The idealistic cannot follow the sensate, as it is impossible for the Swamp to evolve back into a semi-Swamp. After the Swamp comes the Sun, i.e., the fire, the Spirit - the Spirit in its radical, ideational form. To drain the Swamp, we need solar Fire, a Great Fire which should be in abundance.

The Swamp and Fire are two opposite elements distributed across the the earth. Geopolitics now becomes vertical. Both of them can be found at any point. The meaning of place now is the momentum of the process of draining the Swamp. Where? Here and now.

The Swamp is no longer American hegemony, as the President of America himself rejects such hegemony. So it is hegemony “tout court”, Hegemony as such with a purely post-modernist void in the center.

The USA is the Far West of the world. It is the space of Midnight. And there the final point of the Fall is reached. The moment at hand is one of a change of poles. The West turns into the East. Putin and Trump are in two opposite corners of the planet. In the 20th century, these two extremes were embodied by the most radical forms of Modernity – capitalism and communism. Two apocalyptical monsters – Leviathan and Behemoth. Now they have turned into two eschatological promises: Putin’s Greater Russia and America liberating itself under Trump. The 21st century has finally begun.

So all we need now is the Fire.

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