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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Trump update 1/03/2017.. uncertainty as leverage?

Soros and Far-Left Are Plotting Anti-American Revolution On Inauguration Day

This Crash will be Worse than 2001 & 2008 - Buck Joffrey Interview

Trump Might Be Playing Us Regarding Knowing New Hacking Intel: Former CIA Director

More CNN Lies to Delegitimize Trump | Country Conditioned to Ruling Class Propaganda

Former CIA Director Says Multiple Countries May Be Behind Hacks - CNN Pushing for WW3

What Trump's North Korea Tweets Mean

Trump using uncertainty over trade policy as leverage?

GM Responds To President-Elect Trump's Tweet - America's Newsroom

Laura Ingraham reacts to Trump's new crop of policy tweets

How will exposed journalists cover the Trump presidency?

Donald Trump’s Best Jokes of 2016!

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