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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Trump update 1/04/2017..Trump Aced His 1st Ethics Test

Trump Aced His 1st Ethics Test

Two Possible Outcomes with Trump in 2017

What issue should Trump tackle first?

Will Trump's Trade Policy Bring Jobs Back Home?

Trump: Says U.S. Needs A Supreme Court That Is Going To Uphold The Second Amendment - Happening Now

Enacting Trump’s Agenda

Bernie Sanders Quotes Donald Trump - Asks him to Tweet

2016: Nightmare on #SJW Street

Humanity for Progress - StandupforUS

Celebrities, Activists Call On Congress To "Vigorously Oppose" President-Elect Trump - Cavuto

MSM on Trump: "He Can't Keep Getting Away With it! WAA!

Pres-Elect Trump Casts Doubt On U.S. Intel Case On Russian Hacking - The Five

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