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Monday, January 9, 2017

Trump update 1/09/2017.. 'They Are Panicking'

Trump Is For Real, They Are Panicking

Liberals outraged over Trump's Russian 'reset' plan

Inauguration Day ‘Chaos and Mayhem” Plots Exposed

Marching band: We would be proud to play Trump inauguration

Was Team USA’s hockey win inspired by Trump?

Similarities between JFK and Donald Trump

Jeff Rense & George Webb - A Twitter Administration

Elizabeth Warren To Introduce President Conflict of Interest Act

Keane: New admin will have to reset the table in Mideast

Trump: EVERY Nominee Will Pass

Meryl Streep Criticizes Trump at Golden Globes

Meryl Streep Underhandely Came For The Donald, Diamond and Silk Straight Out Came For Her.

Tucker Carlson on Meryl Streep: 'She's no outsider' - Most Dramatic Overreaction

Alex Jones Reacts to Meryl Streep's Attack on Trump

Kellyanne Conway I Wish Meryl Streep Was As Concerned About Disabled Boy On Chicago Facebook Live

The View Attacks Donald Trump for Meryl Streep Tweet

Gutfeld: Hollywood delivers a preview for the next 4 years

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