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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump update 1/21/2017..DEFINITELY Some Protests Happening Today

The People RULE America

Marcus Luttrell: Trump spoke to the people who elected him

Historic! Alex Jones Responds To Trump Inauguration Speech

Trump inaugural speech hyper-nationalistic, warlike: Analyst

World leaders react to Trump’s inauguration

Trump Predictions, Good and Bad

AMERICAN CARNAGE - Trump ft. Piano Guys ft. 3 Doors Down

Autistic Screeching, Spencer Punched, and Real Life Baneposting: Our Insane Inauguration

Trump Attends National Cathedral Prayer Service

Putin hacked Trump’s inauguration fireworks

DEFINITELY Some Protests Happening Today

Anti-Trump Riots Rage In D.C. After Inauguration

Pink Hat Zombie Apocalypse Caught On Camera

Michael Moore Speaks at Rally for Women, at Washington, DC Rally for Women

Maxine Waters Speaks at Rally for Women

MSM Radicalized Donald Trump Protesters
David Seaman

We Can Use Trump’s Narcissism Against Him If We Stand Together
The Ring of Fire

Trump Meets CIA Employees, Pledges Support

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