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Friday, January 27, 2017

Trump update 1/27/2017.. George Washington 2 0

Trump Has Been Planning His Whole Life To Take Down NWO
The Alex Jones Channel

President Trump: The First 7 Days Have Been Amazing

Economist Says Trump Will Make Economy Worse

'Trump is a risk to the eurozone'


#FakeNews but funny

CNN Anchors Defend Media to an Unbiased Ben Shapiro over Pres. Trump's Bannon Tell Them to Shut Up

Trump's chief strategist: 'Media should be humiliated & keep its mouth shut'

How should the press cover a President who openly belittles them?

Shia Labeouf Returns To Anti-Trump Performance Art Protest After Arrest

Shia Lebouf's He Will Not Divide Us - Hijacked by some based old school New Yorkers

If Trump Fully Delivers he Will Be George Washington 2 0

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