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Friday, January 20, 2017

X22Report Prepare For Pain As System Erases False Economy Governance & Power - Episode 1183b

Prepare For The Pain As The System Erases The False EconomyGovernance & Power - Episode 1183b - YouTube


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Report date: 01.20.2017

Julian Assange is ready to be brought back to the US. Soros gives speech and says Trump is going to fail. Obama admits that the DNC emails were leaked and there was inconclusive evidence showing Russia hacked the DNC and the elections system. CNN did a report on what happens if Trump and Pence are assassinated. Climate page on the site has been removed. NATO members are not paying their fair share. Obama's drone report show they only killed 1 civilian, even though other reports show this number to be much higher. White helmets in Syria get paid by the US Government through NGO's. Rioting begins in Washington DC and in Manhattan. Everyone will need to prepare for the pain, the truth is going to come out and its not going to be easy for people to handle it. The system will erase the false economy, governance and power.

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