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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Yemen/ Saudi update 1/22/2017..Saudi Warplanes Conduct over 100 Airstrikes on Yemen's Southwest in 24 Hours

US raids kill 4 people in Yemen

Houthis blew up a mine Saudi car in the district of al-Sarfa. Province Jizan, Saudi Arabia.

Huthis attack on the Saudi position in the province of Jizan, Saudi Arabia

70 Saudi-Backed Militias Killed in Heavy Fighting with Yemeni Forces in Sa'ada

The Yemeni army and popular forces continued their advances in Sa'ada, Yemen, killing tens of Saudi-backed militias in two days of tough battling. "At least 70 Riyadh-backed militants have been killed in fierce clashes with the Yemeni forces in Yam region in Sa'ada region in the last two days," a local military source said on Sunday. The Saudi-hired mercenaries intended to penetrate into the Yam mountainous region in the Ninth district of Sana'a, but they faced the lethal resistance of the Yemeni forces. The Saudi-backed militias have failed to advance in any important region in Sana'a after more than two years of war against the poorest Arab nation in the world.

In a relevant development on Saturday, the Yemeni army and popular forces' missile units pounded and destroyed several military bases of the Saudi army in Jizan province in the Southern part of the kingdom. The Yemeni forces' missile attack destroyed al-Qarn and al-Farizeh military bases in Jizan province, killing and injuring several Saudi troops. Moreover, the Yemeni forces also destroyed al-Mo'anaq military base in Northern Qufeir region in Jizan province. In Najran province, the Yemeni forces also destroyed several tanks of the Saudi army in al-Sadis military base as well as the gathering centers of Saudi troops on al-Hamr military base.

Saudi Warplanes Conduct over 100 Airstrikes on Yemen's Southwest in 24 Hours

Saudi warplanes carried out over 100 airstrikes on al-Mocha region in Southwestern Yemen, killing dozens of people and injuring more during less than 24 hours, local sources said. The sources told Yemen's Saba news agency that over 50 civilians lost their lives in the attacks and dozens more were wounded. .

Meanwhile, Saudi fighter jets conducted at least four airstrikes on Yemen's Republican Guards School, North of the capital city, while they bombarded a medical school in al-Hook region in the Southwestern province of al-Hodeida. On Friday, Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen's Red Sea coast killed at least 29 people ad the Saudi fighter jets hit two locations in al-Hodeida province. The Saudi-led coalition has begun intervention in Yemen sine March 2015 in an attempt to reinstate the former President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi. But despite its massively superior firepower, Yemen's popular committees and their allies still control the capital Sana'a and much of the Central and Northern highlands as well as the Red Sea coast.

At least 66 killed in fresh Yemen fighting

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