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Friday, February 3, 2017

Colonel Cassad's report on evening fighting near Donetsk 03/02/2017

Fighting near Donetsk. 03/02/2017. Evening. - Colonel Cassad

By the evening of February 3 the situation at the front in the DNI has not changed significantly. The total intensity of attacks has fallen in the morning, but the ceasefire negotiations of course have not been able to stop the continuation of hostilities.

During the day, the opponents exchanged artillery strikes on Donetsk direction on Svetlodarsk arc in Kalinowo district, on the direction of Mariupol, etc. etc. Special illusions on a full ceasefire nobody feeds. The Kremlin wanted rhetorically DNR and LC have more shells, of which in particular the deficit is no longer there....................

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1. Confirm the information about the injury, "Givi". February 1, he received shrapnel wounds in the leg in the area of the industrial zone Avdiivka m-ranenii-i-boyah-pod-avdeevkoj.html .

2. In the 72th Hombre and other parts of the defending Avdiyivka according to official figures from 29 January 10, 200x and 300x 66.

3. Avdeevka Coke at this stage operates at 30% capacity. Blindfolded him enterprise (and especially the Empire Akhmetov) are still under threat.

4. All the exercises are interrupted on both sides. It is reported on the movement of equipment between the first and second echelon. The high degree of readiness for escalation persists on both sides.

In general, the intensity of the situation some sleep, but tension persists and the parties could easily intensify attacks as long diplomatic constraints to this no. In the current economy mode such fights and attacks can last for several weeks. Shells on it enough and BCH and the APU (problems arise as a maximum with rockets for heavy MLRS). As the parties continue scare the onset of each other, as if trying to pass the initiative first strike opponents, but previously these reasons, nobody wants to go first.

Donetsk | February 3rd 2017
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