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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

'Donbass Holds!' as Kiev opts for military solution

Ukrainian forces are concentrating their artillery shelling and infantry attacks to the DPR People's Militia positions, which are located in the outskirts of Yasinovataya. Video report from DPR positions show what is the situation after several repelled Ukrainian attacks over the past four days.

"The situation is quite tensed but everything is alright, we are holding on, still didn’t give up not even a piece of soil, our soldiers are in a good mood and not going to give up. I would like to address the civilians: everything is alright, don’t be afraid, we are to defend you, we are holding on, we stand and stand we will," said "Grek", soldier of the Donetsk People's Republic's militia.

DONi News Agency

The Head of DPR, A Zakharchenko, visits frontline under Ukrainian fire

The Head of the Republic commented on the situation at the front.

"Ukraine has begun hostilities only because Russia and the United States have found common ground. More precisely – have begun attempting to find common ground. And knowing that Ukraine has no chances, Poroshenko gave the order to launch an attack of the Donetsk People's Republic", said Zakharchenko.

The military situation is currently very difficult. Fights take place on the frontline approximately 50 kilometers long. At the moment, we are in Avdeyevka area. Ukrainian troops are trying to break through to Donetsk and Makeyevka third day in a row. Fights are heavy. Ukraine suffers big losses. But the enemy will not pass," Alexander Zakharchenko said.

Journalists caught under fire as Donetsk shelling continues

Military Escalation In Eastern Ukraine In Last Days Of JanuarySouth Front

Political Breakups and Armed Tensions SITREP February 1st, 2017 by Scott Humor

.....................The globalists, however, fight back in the country they occupy, Ukraine.

On January 30, the decision of the Moscow court about Maidan became a law. The court issued a decision that the Maidan in Ukraine in 2014 was an unconstitutional anti-government putsch.

It makes the Regime in Kiev illegal, and the president Yanukovich the only legal head of state. It gives to Yanukovich the legal power to declare every agreement signed by the Kiev junta as null and void.

Predictably, the Kiev regime responded to this with an increase shelling of Donbass on January 30th.

RT has started an online translation of the military escalation in Donbass

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday that the hostilities were provoked by Ukrainian paramilitary units.

31 January 2017, Russia’s Foreign Ministry statement on the rapidly deteriorating situation in Donbass

At first, Poroshenko claimed that Donbass was shelled by the Kremlin. He even produced this image as an evidence.

In an unexpected turn, Poroshenko was grilled by German lawmakers and admitted it was SBU (which is run by the CIA) and the Ukrainian military (which is run by NATO) special operations officers who, after penetrating the Donetsk republic border, have been shooting at Ukrainian troops from civilian buildings in Donetsk, giving the Kiev armed forces excuse to start shelling the heavily populated areas.

This is something that Donestk authorities have been saying for a long time, but it is important to hear this admission from the Junta leader himself. It unknown what exactly Poroshenko was drinking before saying the truth, tap water most likely, because he interrupted his visit on Monday January 30, and left Germany the same day with significant velocity.

Kiev continues to violate ceasefire agreement, opts for military solution – Moscow....................

..........Suddeutsche Zeitung: Germany considers blaming Ukraine for the escalation of the conflict.

According to Berlin’s reading of Poroshenko, he wants to try pretty much anything possible to prevent the termination of the sanctions against Russia.

The newspaper says that every time Poroshenko visits Germany, the Kiev regime troops intensify the shelling of Donbass, and he demands more sanctions on Russia.

Using Ukraine as a lever, the globalists pressure Russia and Europe simultaneously. However, Russia, previously banned from protecting its own economy on the European markets, now is able to do so due to sanctions.

It’s fun for the Russians to watch how Germany is trying to wiggle from under Poroshenko’s dead weight.

In the statement of the Russia’s Foreign Ministry, by making provocations in Donbass, Kiev is trying to keep the Ukrainian crisis on the global agenda.

“A strange pattern cannot but attract attention,” the statement reads. “Whenever tensions in Donbass grow, the Ukrainian leaders happen to be making foreign visits. It seems, they try to keep the Kiev-initiated crisis on the global agenda.”

The president of the Donetsk republic Alexander Zakharchenko expressed similar sentiments saying that “Ukraine started hostilities only because Russia and the United States started to search for common ground. And, having understood that Kiev may get nothing, Poroshenko ordered to launch an offensive on the Donetsk People’s Republic.”...........

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