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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Flashbacks of Fabricated War Provocations Targeting Iran - Why the Global Pop Must Stand Down en Mass in Regards to any Imminent talk of War against Iran

 Israeli Lobbyist Calls For False Flag Attack To Get USA to war with Iran after referencing numerous staged or invited attacks that caused wars in history including Pearl Harbor!! As crazy as that sounds there is truth to at least foreknowledge of the attack by Roosevelt. A must read to start confirming -
The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Scripting the 3rd World War(Published on 4 Mar 2013

We need a huge anti war movement when you realize what a war with Iran means, and this character all but promised they will bring the USA to war with them. Not to downplay the tragedy of the current unnecessary and horrific wars being waged and fomented, but Iran war means world war of unimaginable consequences and potentially nuclear hell on Earth

Jump to present and CNN is running Blitzkrieg attacks on DPKR, IRAN, and RUSSIA Simultaneously

Press TV - Feb 4 2017 - The United States, NATO and Israel are true sponsors of terrorism not Iran, says an American author and radio host.

Stephen Lendman made the comments in regard to remarks by hawkish US Defense Secretary James Mattis, describing Iran as “the single biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world.”

Mattis is on a tour to Asia as the first secretary in the administration of President Donald Trump to take an international trip.

Speaking in Tokyo on Saturday, the Pentagon chief suggested that Washington was indifferent towards the matter and did not “see any need to increase the number of [US] forces” in the region.

Lendman told Press TV in a Saturday interview that Washington, Tel Aviv, and member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are the ones holding the “dubious distinction” of sponsoring terrorism.

“No other nations have risen to the level of horrors that they commit,” said the Chicago-based analyst, noting, “Iran supports peace and mutual cooperation with all nations not war. Calling Iran a great sponsor of terrorism is absolutely outrageous.”

The Trump administration, however, is apparently sticking to the rhetoric because Tehran is helping “beleaguered” Syria, suffering from an “aggressive war” by the US, via its “terrorist foot soldiers.”

The political commentator further speculated that Trump could “back terrorism the way he said he would, allied with Russia.”

The new administration’s anti-Iran rhetoric is “very concerning,” Lendman argued, as it may become “belligerent” at some point.

“Russia, China and Iran are close allies. Trump says he wants better relations with Russia but what sense does it make if he’s acting hostile to China and hostile to Iran? That would make better relations with Russia impossible.”

He further described the Trump administration’s extreme hostility towards Tehran “unnerving and worrisome,” voicing hope that the world can get away with this “absolute madness.”

Iran is not the Aggressor
DPRK is not the Aggressor

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