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Thursday, February 2, 2017

ISIS update 2/02/2017..SAA Cleans 30 Towns and Villages from ISIS East of Aleppo

Foreign-backed militants hand over their weapons to Syrian army

A tour of Wadi Barada near Damascus after Syrian government forces regained control

Syria: SAA Operations in Eastern Rif Dimashq

Syrian army battles Daesh militants in al-Rumman

The headquarters of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in the city of Idlib has been destroyed in an attack, in which four people were reportedly injured

Rebels forced to Idlib as infighting continues

Jubb Al-Jarah, in the north of Homs province, was attacked by ISIL when Palmyra fell in 2015. Now, with ISIL expanding again in central Syria, this village is once more under threat from ISIL

February 2, 2017: Govt Forces Recapture Areas West Of Palmyra

The Syrian army says recent advances against Daesh in Aleppo province are a starting point for more operations to drive out the takfiri terrorists

SAA Cleans 30 Towns and Villages from ISIS East of Aleppo

Defense of Deir-ez-Zor: SAA restored several plots in the cemetery area

1 Feb | Army units, in cooperation with supporting forces and with aerial support, targeted ISIS gatherings and positions in the surroundings of Deir Ezzor city.

Army units expanded control in the factories’ region and in the surroundings of Liwa’a al-Ta’amin in special operations against ISIS terrorists near Deir Ezzor.
Any army unit used a guided missile to destroy a machinegun-equipped vehicle for ISIS in the surroundings of the supplying brigade south of the city.
Syrian Air Force carried out a series of airstrikes on ISIS positions in the surroundings of the graveyards area, Jenaid battalion, and the supplying brigade south of the city, which inflicted losses in personnel and equipment upon the terrorists.

Stephen Lendman says Americans owe ‘an obligation’ to Syrians

ISIS forces Mosul residents to attend mosques or face punishment

Iraqi Helicopters Hunt ISIS's and Their Vehicles West of Mosul

Two ISIS Militants Arrested After Shootout in East Mosul

ISIS foreign fighters abused the citizens of Mosul


Russia to Send New Ground Attack Aircraft to Syria

Syrian Army Close to Breaking Deir Ezzur Military Airport Siege

Syrian Army Recaptures Several Strategic Areas in Eastern Homs

Syrian Army Advances in Eastern Damascus, Wins Back Key Village

Aleppo's Al-Bab Operation: Syrian Army Captures 250 Sq/Km of Land

Homs: Syrian Army Wins Back Vast Areas Near T4 Airbase

Syrian Army Repulses ISIL's Attack on Air Force Academy's Surrounding Areas

Damascus: Syrian Army Launches Fresh Operations against ISIL Near Key Airport

Damascus: 100 Militants Surrender to Syrian Army in Western Ghouta

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