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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

ISIS update 2/07/2017..ISIS Supply Line cut near Al-Bab

Syrian tragedy: refugee camp in Aleppo

Syrian troops tighten siege of al-Bab

The Mercenaries of the Islamic state in al Bab are surrounded

The Syrian Arab Army liberated from ISIS terrorists village in 7 kilometers from the city of al-Bab. The province of Aleppo.

Al Bab.06.02.2017

Briefly on the situation in al-Bab district.

By the end of February 6, the ring around the Al-Baba continued to shrink. Advanced CAA teams advanced to the only road linking the al-Bab to the main territory of the Caliphate. Before leading position pro-Turkish militants located on the heights of the south-east Bzaa left about 3 kilometers. In fact, now it is possible to observe the formation of Al-babsky boiler, since the establishment of a full fire control over the road, militants retreat becomes impossible, and breaking through the open area between the positions of the CAA and CCA in its current form promises serious losses, but if your opponent starts to retreat today at night, the main part of the force "black" apparently can still slip out of the boiler.

But if they continue to persist, the special chances of a breakthrough in the following days, they obviously do not provide and it will only sell their lives dearly in the ruins of Al-Bab, Tadifa, Kabaysina and Bzaa. Given that part of the forces of militants after failed attacks Arana was thrown to the east, in the boiler could potentially be about 2,500 fighters.

The War in Syria: Regime forces recapture al Bab from Daesh

Syrian Army Makes Important Gains Near Al-Bab, Cuts Off ISIS Supply Line

ISIS incurs major losses in Raqqa countryside at the hands of SDF

Cross-sections from Rakka operation

Syrian War Report – February 7, 2017: Syrian Military Deploys Elite Units To Battle For Palmyra

Russian air force MI 28 targeting ISIS terrorists in east of Homs

Syrian army advances in the cemetery on the south axis of Deir al-Zour.

Battle for Deir ez-Zor airport: Syrian army repels ISIS assault

Damascus Suburbs: Syrian airstrikes on Jobar district amid SAA advance on ground

President Assad: EU backing terrorists in Syria

Russia: Iran is fighting against terrorism

ISIS bombs cause destruction in al-Kafah neighborhood, Baghdad civilians affected

Mosul liberation reveals extend of Daesh destruction

ISIS using drones to drop bombs | February 6th 2017 Mosul

Despite the liberation of eastern Mosul, many remain in ISIS captivity

Iraqi Christians find their hometown in ruins after IS leaves

Syria: Several ISIL Terrorists Killed in Clashes with Civilians in Al-Bab

Iranian Leader Sends Sarcastic Remarks to Donald Trump

ISIL Sends More Forces, Equipment to T4 Airbase to Slow Down Syrian Army Advances

SDF, Turkish Soldiers Engaged in Fierce Clashes in Northern Syria

Syrian Army Wins Back More Lands Near ISIL-Held Al-Bab

Syrian Armed Forces Intensify Attacks on ISIL Positons in Deir Ezzur

Syrian Soldiers Repel ISIL's Offensive in Southeastern Aleppo, Heavy Death Toll Reported

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