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Monday, February 13, 2017

ISIS update 2/13/2017..Syrian government ready to exchange prisoners with militants

Al-Qaeda Attacks In Daraa, Govt Forces Crush ISIS Near Al-Bab

The War in Syria: Erdogan says operation to go on until Raqqa is retaken

Syrian Democratic Forces capture 15 villages from ISIS as they close in on Raqqa

Heavy fighting between Syrian Arab Army and militants in Eastern Ghouta

Russian MoD releases drone footage of Roman theater in Palmyra blown up by ISIS

"Syria largely secure after Aleppo liberation"

Syrian families return to Eastern Aleppo.

Syrian government ready to exchange prisoners with militants

At the frontline against ISIS in Iraq: Under intense sniper fire

Iraq War Real Combat Furious Firefights & Airstrikes During Night Operations

Civilians return to Mosul cautiously but security issues remain

Former ISIS prisoner says he was lashed hundreds of times in captivity

Civilians of east Mosul recall punishments for possessing a television under ISIS


ISIL Executes Own Commander South of Syria's Deir Ezzur

ISIL Suffers Heavy Casualties in Syrian Army Attack near Deir Ezzur's Airbase

Syrian Army Wins Back Several Key Hills Northwest of Ancient Palmyra

Syrian Army Scores More Victories against ISIL Northeast of Kuweires Airbase

Syrian Army Moves Deep into Eastern Homs towards ISIL-Held Palmyra

Analyst: Russia Blocks US Aggressive Policies against Iran

ISIL Withdraws from More Key Towns South of Al-Bab Town

Syria: Main Position of Tharir Al-Sham Hay'at Destroyed by Rival Terrorist Groups

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