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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

ISIS update 2/14/2017..Seeking 'safe zones' in Syria

Erdogan: Turkey to make safe zone in Syria

Erdogan Gulf Tour: Erdogan: Refugee safe zone needs to be set up

Seeking 'safe zones' in Syria

30 ISIS militants killed in al-Bab as Euphrates Shield forces discover network of ISIS tunnels

Türkmen Muntasır Billah Division rescuing and treating people in Al Bab

The War in Syria: Erdogan says operation to go on until Raqqa is retaken

SAA repelled the attack Jabhat al-Nusra in Daraa city.

Syrian Army's Tiger Forces: History And Capabilities

February 14, 2017: Russia Deploys More Military Police To Syria

Syrian Government Ready to Exchange Any Terrorist with Abducted Citizens

The Syrian Operation Will Go Down in Textbooks of History and Strategy

Syrian Woman Exposes Amnesty's Criminal Propaganda against Her Country

Iraqi forces and PMU target ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, condition unconfirmed

Humanitarian crisis in Kurdistan region sees no end as severe weather hits camps


Hundreds of Terrorists Killed, Wounded in Failed Attacks on Syrian Army Positions in Dara'a

Russia Reinvigorating Air Force's Combat Capabilities in Syria

Syrian Analyst: Terrorists' Attacks on Dara'a Ordered by US to Create Human Shield for Israel

Syrian Army Inches Closer to ISIL-Held City of Palmyra

Deir Ezzur: Unidentified Invaders Steal Entire Arms, Munitions from Largest ISIL Depot

Source: Terrorists' Attacks against Dara'a Ordered by Persian Gulf Arab States

ISIL Retreats from Key Region Near Palmyra

Syrian Army Drives Terrorists out of Several Key Positions, Buildings in Dara'a City

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