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Saturday, February 18, 2017

ISIS update 2/18/2017..Turkish and US chief of staff discuss cooperation in Raqqa

Thousands turn out for Baghdad 'silent protest'

Vice President Pence Meets Iraqi Prime Minister Al Abadi

Iraqi rapid intervention forces in Mosul: IRAM launcher mounted on HUMVEE in action

Turkish and US chief of staff discuss cooperation in Raqqah

Russian bombers Tu-95MS destroyed the command headquarters of ISIS in Raqqa

Kurdsh YPG Forces Seize About 60 Villages From ISIS In Syrian Province Of Raqqah

Syrian Ghost Towns | Haritan, Aleppo province

Syria, Syrian Arab Army Qalamoun Shield Forces Training under supervision of Russian Advisers

Syria is plagued with radioactive contamination: Dr. Leuren Moret

Syrian govt. strongly opposed to Assad removal

Bashar al-Assad interview with European media | February 16th 2017

‘Obama administration lost its game in Syria’ – Russian senator Pushkov

ISIL Takes Back Lands from Turkey-Backed Euphrates Shield Forces in Syria's Al-Bab

ISIL's Positions in Syria's Raqqa Attacked by Russian Bombers through Sky of Iran, Iraq

Dara'a: Al-Nusra Receives Large Financial Back-up from Foreign Backers to Continue War on Syrian Army

Arab Analyst: Turkey's U-Turn on Syria Entails Russia's Possible Reaction

Mosul: Iraqi Forces Arrest One of Most Dangerous Female Members of ISIL

Syrian Analyst: Russia's Distrust of Turkey Revealed by Meeting with Kurds

Syria: Hundreds of Terrorists Killed, Wounded in Another Defeat for Al-Nusra in Dara'a

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