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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Palestinian/ Israeli update 2/15/2017..Two State shift

Will Trump's Affinity For Israel Translate Into New Policy

Bibi, be careful!

Trump Asks Netanyahu to 'Hold Back' Settlements

White House Backs Away From Two-State Solution

Israeli PM on prerequisites for peace with Palestine

Israeli Prime Minister Gives A Shout Out To The "Art of the Deal" President Donald Trump

Palestinians Caution Trump Against Abandoning Two-State Solution

Two-state solution for Palestinians and Israelis is ‘totally fraudulent’

President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu Press Conference 2/15/17

Could there be a realignment of power in the Middle East?

US-Israel Relations: Interview with Gil Hoffman from the Jerusalem Post

Gideon Levy on AJE on Two State shift and Embassy move

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