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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Palestinian/ Israeli update 2/05/2017..Israelis, Palestinians protest together against Netanyahu's policies

Israelis, Palestinians protest against Netanyahu's policies

Thousands Rally in Tel Aviv against 'Racist' Israel, Home Demolitions

Thousands rallied in Tel Aviv in protest of home demolitions targeting Palestinian citizens of Israel, with demonstrators calling the demolition campaign by Israel as "racist” and an act of “incitement" against Palestinian citizens.

Protesters reportedly called on Israeli Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan to resign, saying they held him responsible for the killings that took place during a raid to evacuate the Negev region Bedouin community of Umm al-Hiran last month, Ma'an reported.

Local math teacher in Umm al-Hiran Yacoub Abu al-Qian was shot dead on Jan. 18 by the Israeli police before authorities demolishes more than a dozen structures in the village, with authorities claiming he was carrying out a deliberate vehicular attack, in contradiction to numerous eyewitness reports and video evidence that attested his car spun out of control only after Israeli police opened fired on him.

Some 5,000 people joined the march to protest the demolitions and the Israeli state’s discriminatory policies against Palestinian citizens in general.

Members of a local committee from Umm al-Hiran also participated, with at least four busloads of Palestinian and Jewish citizens from the Negev arriving to join the rally.

Ayman Odeh, the head of the Joint List coalition that represents Palestinian citizens in the Knesset, also delivered a speech at the demonstration.

Odeh was injured in Umm al-Hiran ahead of the demolitions there, saying at the time Israeli police shot him in the head with a sponge-tipped bullet as he joined locals to resist the evacuation raid.

He addressed demonstrators, calling for the end the illegal Israeli occupation of the Palestinian

territory and for ”a truly equal society.”

Your Morning News From Israel - February 05, 2017.

Noam Arnon, spokesperson for the Jewish Community of Hebron meets with Sheikh Farid al-Jabari of the Southern Hebron Hills to discuss Jewish - Arab relations, the Palestinian Authority, anarchist activists and the hope for peace. Translation by Eitan Divinsky.

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