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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Palestinian/ Israeli update 2/09/2017..America First Israel second for sure, what about Palestine?

Anti-IDF protest turns violent as Jewish protesters clash with police

Rockets fired at Eilat in Israel from Egypt

Palestinians die in attack on Egypt-Gaza border

Palestinians bury two men killed in a Gaza tunnel explosion; Israel intercepts rockets

Palestinian opens fire in Israeli crowd, six wounded: police

State of Palestine: Emergency service response drills carried out in Gaza

Israel approves 1,162 new settler units

Trumpyahu: The perfect couple

Israel second for sure, what about Palestine?... Reaction to Trump's America First

We Palestinians do not want to be second, so we ask Trump to convince Israel government to give us our state.

Hassan Nasrallah: The chaos in the Middle East won't save Israel

Israeli Minister rubs onions in eyes to fake tears

War Between Israel and Palestine - THE GAZA CONFLICT

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