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Monday, February 6, 2017

Trump update 2/06/2017..Nuclear Uncle & Tesla's Death Ray

Scott Isbell In the Clear Now Featuring President Trump

Super Bowl Decoded, O’Reilly’s Putin Overkill, “So-Called” Judges and the Hillary-Falcon Analogy

The predicted performance of Lady Gaga Super Bowl in 2012 The Simpsons

Tucker Carlson talks Super Bowl politics

McCaffrey: Trump Remark On Putin 'Most Anti-American'

Reporters at war with White House or just doing their jobs?

Kurtz: Trump hits 'fake news' again

‘You Don’t Know Me’: CNN Panel on Trump, ‘Moral Relativism’ Goes Off the Rails

Trump Full Speech to Senior U.S. Commanders

Donald Trumps Nuclear Uncle & Tesla's Death Ray Connections

Far-Left Revolutionaries Are Calling for Murder and Military Coup

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