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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Trump update 2/18/2017..Rally in Melbourne, Florida

LIVE STREAM: President Donald Trump Rally in Melbourne, Florida - 2/18/2017

Trump claims the media is an enemy of the American people

Trump Defends His Record During First Weeks In Office

'Turbulent Month': 30 days of Trump presidency brings deep division over his policies

Trump politics enters Mexico's lucha libre ring

US Fighter Jets Intercept Unresponsive Aircraft Over Trump's Florida Resort

The Stakes for Trump and All of Us — Paul Craig Roberts

.............What can Trump do? He can clean out the intelligence agencies and terminate their license granted by Bush and Obama to conduct unconstitutional activities. He can use anti-trust to breakup the media conglomerates that Clinton allowed to form. If Bush and Obama can on their own authority subject US citizens to indefinite detention without due process and if Obama can murder suspect US citizens without due process of law, Trump can use anti-trust law to break up the media conglomerates that speak with one voice against him.

At this point Trump has no alternative but to fight. He can take down the secret police agencies and the presstitute media conglomerates, or they will take him down. Dismissing Flynn was the worse thing to do. He should have kept Flynn and fired the “leakers” who are actively using disinformation against him. The NSA would have to know who the leakers are. Trump should clean out the corrupt NSA management and install officials who will identify the leakers. Then Trump should prosecute the leakers to the full extent of the law.

No president can survive secret police agencies determined to destroy him. If Trump’s advisers don’t know this, Trump desperately needs new advisers.

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