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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Trump update 2/19/2017..BLOOD BATH IN SWAMP!

Gutfeld: Media dive in after 8 years of avoiding journalism

Rush Limbaugh: Media cannot destroy Donald Trump

Top Democrat says Trump's calling media 'the enemy' is something 'you hear tin-pot dictators say'

Woodward: I Don’t Think Trump Really Believes the Press Is the Enemy of the People

CNN’s Stelter: Trump’s Attacks on the Press Are the ‘Verbal Form of Poison’

Priebus Says Take Trump Seriously When He Calls The Press The Enemy

Trump: "I Will Never Let Fake News Get Away With It" Feb 18 2017

President Donald Trump Florida Rally and the War on Media

Trump is not orange

Trump is not orange. His colors are completely normal. The orange color is a 1950's era communist tactic that was used in Soviet Russia.

Anyone of age who has even a basic American education would be likely to know this.

To make opponents look bad, communists always skew the color of their opponents either orange or red. This is easily done by adding filters during photo processing or nowadays simply tweaking the cameras, and in the case of high level media cameras, they can assign various faces in the same frame different colors.

The fact this is so universally happening to Trump only proves how much the old soviets have taken over American media, and the American government.

Mexico screwed up last night and during an alternative broadcast actually showed Trump the way he really is. Completely normal. People were shocked, asking why he's not orange. Then I had to explain and they were still skeptical because they were so completely convinced he's orange.

Rep. Elijah Cummings CONFIRMS Upcoming Meeting with Trump

Donald Trump is NOT Helping The Banksters


Russia Wants to Work with Trump Despite CIA-MI6 Sabotage Efforts

Spooks Spy On Trump | Dick Morris

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