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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Trump update 2/22/2017..Deep State Secrets

REVENGE OF THE SITH-A FULL EXPOSE on How Obama IS taking down President Trump

Black Ops Commander Reveals Deep State Secrets

The Conflictual Relationship Between Donald Trump And The US "Deep State"

..................What the deep state refuses to accept is that they have lost the leading role in educating the rest of the world on humanitarian issues related to the concept of democracy. The main actors of the deep state clearly understand the negative implications for them personally in economic and financial terms associated with the abandonment of the pursuit of global hegemony. For over a hundred years, no US president has ever placed their country on a par with others, has ever abandoned the concept of a nation (the US) «chosen by God».

In an article a few weeks ago, I tried to lay the foundations for a future US administration, placing a strong focus on foreign policy and revealing a possible shift in US historic foreign relations. In a passage I wrote:

«Donald Trump has emerged with in mind a precise foreign policy strategy, forged by various political thinkers of the realist world such as Waltz and Mearsheimer, trashing all recent neoconservative and neoliberal policies of foreign intervention (R2P - Right to Protect) and soft power campaigns in favor of human rights. No more UN resolutions, subtly used to bomb nations (Libya). Trump doesn’t believe in the central role of the UN and reaffirmed this repeatedly.

In general, the Trump administration intends to end the policy of regime change, interference in foreign governments, Arab springs and color revolutions. They just don’t work. They cost too much in terms of political credibility, in Ukraine the US are allied with supporters of Bandera (historical figure who collaborated with the Nazis) and in Middle East they finance or indirectly support al Qaeda and al Nusra front»............... Will Trump Be Impeached? | Rory Hall

Maxine Waters: Trump’s Administration, Associates Are ‘a Bunch of Scumbags’

Pat Buchanan on The Sean Hannity Radio Show (2/22/2017)

White House Press Briefing 2/22/2017

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