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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Trump update 2/25/2017.. error in their spell

New DNC Chair Perez calls Trump Worst President In U.S. History

Pres Trump: Will Not Attend WH Correspondent's Dinner - Fox Report

Trump Will Finally Prove To The World That Illuminati Controls America

Trump Admin Moves Ahead With Plans To Build Wall Along U.S. Southern Border

People Love Trump Because He Is Real

Jim Stone says My gut is telling me this morning that the wiccan efforts had no desired impact

Time will tell.

Ok, so I guess I could give a reason for probable failure (but this is not the error in their spell). The people who participated in the wiccan ritual this time around were small potatoes who are not completely aware of the conspiracy and have some good in them. Their spell had faults that mirrored the lies on CNN, and because of the way the spell was arranged, it could not have portions of it be based on fiction and still work. I won't say what the actual errors were, but that pretty much sums it up.

I am going to leave the prayer I figured would cancel their spell on this page and will bump it to the top the next time it matters.


I was told by MANY people, not just a few, to NOT say what is wrong with their spell that they distributed, and to ONLY post what should be said to counteract it. Here it is, say it in a way that is appropriate for your religion:

Dear God: Tonight the forces of darkness will be attempting to damage Donald Trump, our president and a man of good faith. Please counteract their work of darkness by canceling all efforts to confuse Trump, and help Trump succeed in all efforts he embarks on that are for the good of the nation, the good of our spiritual future, and the good of mankind. Please give our president a special blessing and gift for bringing truth, awakening, and persuasion to good, to all people whether they support him or not.

End of prayer. Repeat this prayer as much as you can with conviction in your heart.

That short prayer will be likely to exploit the flaw in their spell.

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