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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ukrainian army shelling Donetsk tonight February 3rd 2017

Ukrainian army shelling Donetsk | February 3rd 2017 - YouTube


Breaking: Ukrainian murderers open fire at Donetsk from MRLS ‘Uragan’ — DPR Command

Thursday, February 2, 2017 - 23:36

Ukrainian army has opened fire at Donetsk from artillery of 152 mm caliber and MRLS ‘Uragan’, the DPR Operationl Command has just reported. Ukrainian criminal forces have been shelling Donetsk and other DPR localities since January, 29. The shelling is ongoing. DONi News Agency

Fighting near Donetsk. 03/02/2017. Night

The official summary of the LC.

The international community reacts to what is happening rather sluggish, limited duty incantations about "no alternative to the Minsk" and the need for a cease-fire. Inability to stop what is happening through diplomatic means, leaving a fairly broad window for the further escalation of hostilities, when one of the parties will try to change the situation purely military means, which can lead to full-scale battle or in Avdeevka area or on one of the sections of the front, where there is less concentration of troops and artillery, leaving more room for active offensive operations. Direct clash in Avdeevka area will lead to yet another battle in the spirit of the battle for the WCT.

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