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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Yemen/ Saudi/ Bahrain update 2/08/2017..UK ‘complicit’ in Saudi Arabia’s war crimes in Yemen_Rodney Shakespeare

Yemeni forces mobilizing to attack Saudi mercenaries

Yemeni military and the Houthis are fighting with Saudi mercenaries near Al-Salu province of Taiz

The Houthis shelled the Saudis to the West of the city Rabua in the province of Asir, Saudi Arabia.

Yemeni military and the Houthis attacked the Saudi base al-Farid, in the province of Jizan. Saudi

Yemen halts U.S. special ops ground missions

Yemen Denies 'Fake News' That It Withdrew Permission For US Ground Operations

Yemen’s top diplomat said the country has called for a “reassessment” of a Jan. 28 raid that left multiple civilians and a U.S. service member dead, but Yemen did not issue an outright ban on future American-led missions, a report said Wednesday.

The statement by Yemen’s foreign minister, Abdul-Malik al-Mekhlafi, according to the Associated Press, followed a report in the New York Times that Yemen had revoked permissions for the United States to continue ground counterterrorism operations in the country, a base for one of al-Qaeda’s most dangerous affiliates.

Mekhlafi told the AP that “Yemen continues to cooperate with the United States and continues to abide by all the agreements.”

He added, however, that the Yemeni government “is involved in talks with the U.S. administration on the latest raid.”

“It’s not true what’s being said,” said a senior Yemeni official in Aden, referring to the reports of a Yemeni ban on U.S. commando operations. The official spoke by phone from Aden where the internationally recognized government of Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi is based.

“We and the international community are working side-by-side to fight terrorism,” he said

Furthermore, US CENTCOM has not stopped its operations...

Nadwa Al-Dawsari talks about Yemen's call for a "reassessment" of the recent U.S. raid

Is Trump worsening the crisis in Yemen?

UN Appeals for $2.1bn as Millions Face Famine in Yemen

The United Nations appealed on Wednesday for $2.1bn to provide food and other life-saving assistance to 12 million people in Yemen who face the threat of famine after two years of war. "The situation in Yemen is catastrophic and rapidly deteriorating," Jamie McGoldrick, UN humanitarian coordinator in Yemen, said in the appeal document, Middle East Eye reported. "Nearly 3.3 million people, including 2.1 million children, are acutely malnourished." Yemen has suffered nearly two years of invasion by a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia. At least 13,100 Yemeni people have been killed in attacks, which has unleashed a humanitarian crisis in the desperately poor Arabian Peninsula country. In all, nearly 19 million Yemenis, more than two-thirds of the population, need assistance and protection, the UN said. "Ongoing air strikes and fighting continue to inflict heavy casualties, damage public and private infrastructure, and impede delivery of humanitarian assistance," it said. "The Yemeni economy is being wilfully destroyed," it added, saying that ports, roads, bridges, factories and markets have been hit.

An estimated 63,000 Yemeni children died last year of preventable causes often linked to malnutrition, the UN children's fund, UNICEF, said last week. "The under-five mortality rate has increased to the point that we estimate that in 2016 at least 10,000 more children died of preventable diseases," Meritxell Relano, UNICEF representative in Yemen, told Reuters in Geneva last week. Relano said a decade of development had been lost and the rate of severe acute malnutrition had tripled between 2014 and 2016 to 460,000 children. "In Yemen, if bombs don't kill you, a slow and painful death by starvation is now an increasing threat," Jan Egeland, secretary-general of the Norwegian Refugee Council, said in a separate statement as the UN appeal was launched.

Yemen Dr. Sherin Varkey on urgent need for aid for famine relief

UK ‘complicit’ in Saudi Arabia’s war crimes in Yemen says Rodney Shakespeare

Arm in arm? UK covered up intelligence training for Bahrain police- human rights group

HRW: Saudi repression of peaceful activists at alarming high level

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