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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Yemen/ Saudi update 2/12/2017..US Gave Saudi Arabia Award For Fighting Terrorism ?

Yemen Houthis Pro Saleh YA Ambush on Pro Hadi Al Hirak Convoy

On This Day in Yemen 11.2.2016

Posted by Haifa Sharaf


– The warplanes of Saudi-led coalition launched 92 airstrikes on #Saada, #Sanaa_Capital, #Marib, #AlJawf, #Sanaa, #Hajja, #AlHodeida, #ALBaitha and #Lahjj – Injured (5) civilians by (2) airstrikes that targeted Fan City park that led to destroy the Bowling Hall, 2 generators, burn 2 stores, School and many damages in the resturant and the park, also they destroyed (18) houses burnt (5) cars, damaged (3) shops in AL-Sab’een area, Sana’a Capital – injured (8) civilians by (2) airstrikes of a drone that targeted nomads tends in AL-Saqain area, Al-Jawf – the airstrikes destroyed (11) houses and damaged (50) houses, farms school and bridge ….CIA grants "George Tenet Medal" to crown prince of Saudi

The US Just Gave Saudi Arabia An Award For Fighting Terrorism ?!

Johnson pressed government to continue arms export to Saudi Arabia

Democrats back Sen. McCain's criticisms of Yemen raid

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