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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Yemen/ Saudi update 2/22/2017..Saudi Arabia UAE Still Blocking Aid to Yemen

UN: 7 million Yemenis close to starvation

Saudi Arabia UAE Still Blocking Aid to Yemen

. Houthis destroyed the car of a Saudi mercenaries and a few blew up on a mine in the district of al-Khadra. The province of Najran.

Yemen. +18. The plot of the TV Houthis on the work of the Yemeni snipers against the Saudis and their mercenaries.

Yemen. Houthis from ATGM fired on the Saudi M2 Bradley to the east of the city Rabua, in the province of Asir.

Yemen. Houthis fired missiles at Saudi mercenaries in the area Harib al-Karamysh province of Marib.

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