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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Alex Jones apology today is a reminder for all to be careful in our reporting as we are dealing with very powerful pedo elites.


submitted 1.6 days ago by matheasysolutions

Alex Jones apologized and retracted some videos mentioning J.A. and Comet Ping Pong. I am not sure the exact statements that caused him to apologize but it does provide some important lessons for us researching into #PizzaGate.

Charges of pedophilia and human trafficking are EXTREMELY damaging to someone so it is very important to be very careful in any claims we make, and as importantly how we word them. Unless we know as 100% fact we must be careful to state any claim as such.

For example, from Jimmy Comet's instagram, it is abundantly clear that James has some VERY disturbing images that NEED to be further investigated. But regardless, we should be careful not to be the judge and jury and claim he is in fact a baby-eating-satanic-pedo, even though one could make the argument. We should gather information to convince the public and law enforcement to prosecute James and Comet Ping Pong but at the same time be very careful in wording each claim we make.

It is also very clear that law enforcement are being obstructed themselves from investigating many of these pedo elites, but jump at any moment if any prominent investigator slips up in specific claims, or even just wording of such claims.

We are dealing with very very powerful elites that wouldn't think twice to have you and your whole family destroyed, all while the mainstream media turns you into the villain. While I disagree with Alex Jones' apology, there may be some behind the scenes things going on. But regardless, my advice (which I have been doing in my PG series: is act as a lawyer would while investigating #PizzaGate.

(stone - I think Jones apology has in fact done himself and the truth media a great service - humility - self sacrifice - courage - willingness to divert from modus operatus - and besides from a legal standpoint protecting himself and his platform, this coverage if you look on google is off the chart - Alex Jones and Pedogate are going to be Googles words of the week at this rate)

I would also add as my main concern and issue with this subject is that  there is a clear and present danger of irreversible planetary destruction and genocidal population decline looming in the near term future. Unless environmental destruction from manmade false flag disasters like the gulf spill, fukushima reactor complex, and geoengineering is addressed and ongoing disasters are contained, unless massive projects to mitigate and reverse sea ice melt in polar regions, and unless hellish wars are not stopped, pedophilia among elites is the last thing we need to worry about or rise up in collective self defense in regards to.

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