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Friday, March 3, 2017

ISIS update 3/03/2017..US-backed Forces Surrender Wide Areas Near Manbij To Syrian Army

March 3, 2017: US-backed Forces Surrender Wide Areas Near Manbij To Syrian Army

Turkey clamps down Syria border as IS battle looms

Syrian Army liberates new village in northeast Aleppo

Course Of Turkish Military Intervention In Syria After Al-Bab Operation

Drone buzzes Palmyra as Syrian army fights to retake nearby mountains

Palmyra is liberated under auspice of Russian military advisors

Palmyra recaptured by Syrian Army from ISIS

Russian forces near Palmyra.

Syrian army from inside Palmyra city after expelling ISIS from the area

The results of the operation of the SAA+VKS+SSO for the release of Palmyra.

'Russian participation was game-changer' - John Wright on Palmyra recapture

Russian bomber Su-24 VKS destroys the headquarters of Jabhat al-Nusra near Rasm al-Ays.

Iraq: Alongside special forces battling Islamic state group fighters in Mosul

Iraq: Special forces targeted by snipers as they take control of a new western Mosul neighborhood

Iraqi Federal police used a TOS-1A "Solntsepek" near Mosul.

Secretary-General of Iraqi Hezbollah Battalion meets Grand Ayatollah Shirazi


Syrian Army Drives ISIL out of More Territories East of Aleppo Province

Army General: Syria-Iraq Military Cooperation to Accelerate Annihilation of ISIL Terrorists

Iraq: Army Wins Back Key Region in Western Mosul

Clashes Intensified amongst Rival Terrorists in Syria's Idlib

Official: Syrian Army, Popular Allies to Continue Operations to Drive Terrorists out of Entire Occupied Regions

Russian MP Underlines Importance of Palmyra Liberation to End Militancy in Syria

Syrian Army Advances against Terrorist Groups in Western Outskirts of Aleppo

ISIL Retreats from More Lands in Eastern Aleppo

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