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Monday, March 13, 2017

ISIS update 3/13/2017..Power Struggle In Aleppo Province

New Elbe Handshake? US and Russian troops jointly defend Kurdish controlled Manbij

Power Struggle In Aleppo Province

 Syria: Kurdish-Led SDF Continues to Advance against ISIL in Raqqa

The predominantly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continued to advance against ISIL in Northeastern Syria and managed to take control of more strategic villages on the banks of the Euphrates River.

The SDF fighters continued to attack ISIL's positions in Abu Khashab front and took control over Matab and Khas Ajil villages on the bank of Euphrates River in Eastern Raqqa.

In the meantime, the Kurdish combatants engaged in heavy fighting with ISIL in Khashab front and drove ISIL out of Ka'as al-Jabal village Southeast of Raqqa province.

On Saturday, the SDF fighters continued their anti-ISIL operation codenamed the Euphrates Rage and managed to seize control over the villages of al-Hajaj, Jazreh, Matab and Mash'houri along the Euphrates River in Abu Khasahb front after taking control over the strategic hills of Mankher al-Sharqi and al-Qarbi.

The Kurdish combatants drove ISIL out of al-Wadyan farm in Beir al-Haba front.

In the meantime, the Kurdish language Hawar news quoted local sources in Jazreh village as saying that ISIL terrorists in Jazreh village were from Pakistan and Chechnya, adding that the non-Syrian terrorists in the captured village are talking mostly in Turkish language another indication of the fact that Turkey is a main supporter of ISIL in Syria. 

SAA Seizes 2 Shipments of NATO Weapons to Al Qaeda Near Damascus

Al-Qaeda claims responsibility for twin bombings in Damascus

"Death toll from Damascus blasts rises to 74"

2016 worst year ever for Syrian kids: UNICEF

Progress made in the fight to retake Mosul from ISIS

Fierce Fighting In Western Mosul

Iraq: IS group fighters trapped as armed forces retake third of west Mosul

‘They’re bombing indiscriminately’: Mosul residents suffer from coalition airstrikes

ISIS car bomb is blown up by Iraqi PMU after it's driver abandoned the vehicle


Long Military Column of ISIL Hit Hard in Syrian Army Attack in Eastern Homs

Syrian Army Repels Terrorists' Attack, Advances in Rapid Counterattack

Syria: Anti-Baghdadi Militants Clash with ISIL Forces in Raqqa

Al-Nusra Terrorists Withdraw from Several Key Positions in Eastern Damascus

Tens of Civilians Killed, Wounded in US-Led Coalition Airstrikes in Northeastern Syria

US Army Deploys Fresh Forces in Syria's Manbij

ISIL Fails to Prevail over Syrian Army Positions near Deir Ezzur City

Turkish Army Forcing Syrian Civilians to Join Militants of Euphrates Shield Operation

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