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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

ISIS update 3/15/2017..At least 31 people killed in two suicide blasts in Damascus

At least 31 people killed in two suicide blasts in Damascus, Syria

A suicide bomber blew up in the lobby of the Palais de Justice in the Hamidiyah area of Damascus.

Press TV's correspondent reports from site of terrorist bombings in Damascus

‘Beyond worst nightmares’ Still no political solution after six years of war in Syria

Syrians say ‘please leave us alone’ – Elizabeth Kucinich

Syria blames Turkey for opposition no show

"Free Syrian Army" jihadists statement on Turkey - Dutch fallout

West must come to terms that we funded Islamist fundamentalism - Ken Livingstone

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad talks to European media

Syria. Russian and Syrian military in the Kurdish village of Arima under Manbij city, in the province of Aleppo.

The U.S. military continues to ride near the town of Manbij. Can looking for someone. Province of Aleppo.

Al-Bab: 1.5km tunnel dug by ISIS found under the city

Syrian War Report – March 15, 2017: Clashes With ISIS Near Raqqah And Palmyra

SAA+VKS established control over As-Savame area near Palmyra.

Syria. The Syrian Arab Army is fighting the terrorists of ISIS in al-Mukaber under the city of Deir ez-Zor.

Syria. 13.03.2017. The Syrian Arab army shelled the positions of terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra in the neighborhoods of al-Karak and al-Abbassiin city of Daraa.

Images from Daraa city | March 2017

Iraqi Imam: Make these few days the last for ISIS

Mosul: As Iraqi forces retake new key positions, government says offensive is in final stage

Iraqi troops continue fighting in Mosul

Iraqi forces uncover Daesh underground base

Images from the battle of Mosul

Mosul civilian death toll higher than in Aleppo, MSM silent - research

Mass exodus: Almost 100,000 displaced in West Mosul in 19 days

Mosul's displaced describe 'nightmare' after fleeing ISIS

Iraqi PMU Medic shares moving story of his fathers death at the hands of ISIS


Syrian Soldiers Ward off again ISIL's attacks in Deir Ezzur

Syrian Army Scores More Victories against ISIL in Eastern Homs

Syria: Terrorists Fail to Prevail over Gov't Forces' Positions in Dara'a City

Syria: Terrorists Withdraw from More Strongholds in Eastern Damascus

Terrorists' Centers Receive Severe Blow in Syrian Armed Forces' Attacks in Hama

ISIL Using People in Syria's Raqqa as Human Shield

Al-Nusra Suffers Heavy Casualties in Field Attack on Syrian Army positions in Eastern Damascus

Kurdish-Led SDF Advances against ISIL over 60km in Eastern Raqqa

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