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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

ISIS update 3/22/2017..Syrian Kurdish militias, Turkish military exchange cross-border fire

Battle For Mosul Enters Its Final Stage

Fights for Mosul: Humanitarian Situation in the City is on the Verge of a Disaster

Fleeing death: RT follows terrifying journey of Mosul refugees amid anti-ISIS op by US-led coalition

Mosul family dodges snipers and escapes through minefield to flee ISIS

Iraqi Army Advances Further in Western Mosul

lraqi forces advanced towards more districts in Western Mosul on Wednesday as operations against ISIL militants proceed to retake the region.

The army’s Counter-Terrorism Forces command said its troops moved towards the Shuqaq al-Yarmouk (apartment buildings) and Yabessat districts in western Mosul, having recaptured nearby districts of Shuqaq Nablus and al-Resala on Tuesday, Iraqi News reported.

Meanwhile, Ikhnews quoted a security source in Nineveh saying two civilians were wounded by mortars fired from ISIL militants at Ghizlani, south of Mosul’s western side. The source said the pair was going to Nabi Shiit district, which was recaptured weeks ago by security forces, to pull out the bodies of relatives buried under debris.

Iraqi government forces recaptured Eastern Mosul in January and launched an offensive in February to recapture the western region. Iraqi troops are currently working to retake Central Mosul districts from ISIL militants, specifically eyeing the city’s grand mosque where the group’s ringleader made his infamous speech in 2014.

Iraqi generals have admitted that battles in western Mosul were much more difficult due to the region’s high population and the complex structure of its residential areas.

Syrian Kurdish militias, Turkish military exchange cross-border fire

Syrian Arab Army took control of height 20 km southeast of Palmyra. The province of Homs.

SAA+VKS established control over the chain of Talila Heights, 20 km southeast of Palmyra

Syrian War Report – March 22, 2017: 'Moderate Opposition' Launches Large Attack In Hama

Syrian opposition announce victories in Hama, regime denies claims

Clashes SAA+VKS against NATO mercenaries (ISIS) near Deir ez-Zor.

Jihadi offensive in the East Damascus | March 19th - 21st 2017

SAA repelled an attack by NATO mercenaries (Nusra) in Maghazel al-Naseej area.

Continue clashes SAA against NATO mercenaries (Nusra) in Jobar.

Syrian Air Force attacked targeted airstrikes on NATO mercenaries (Nusra) in Jobar

33 killed in US airstrike on Syrian school

‘Bombing easy, negotiations not’ – Francois Leotard, fmr French defence minister

Secretary Tillerson to address the fight against ISIS

Trump administration struggles to deliver on promise to eliminate ISIL

Trump's Syria strategy even less coherent than Obama's – journalist

Coalition to investigate own airstrike that reportedly killed 30+ civilians in Syria

Syria in Past 24 Hours

The Syrian army units, backed by the air force, killed tens of al-Nusra (Fatah al-Sham) Front and ISIL terrorists and destroyed their vehicles and positions in different areas in the Northern parts of Hama province.


The Syrian fighter jets carried out intensive airstrikes against the hideouts and positions of al-Nusra terrorists in Taybet al-Imam, Kafr Zita, al-Latamineh, al-Lahayia and al-Zwar on Tuesday, destroying several vehicles and killing and injuring a number of militants.

The army's artillery units also shelled the positions of the terrorists in the surroundings of Mourek and Taybet al-Imam, inflicting heavy losses on them in arms and personnel.

The air force also launched airstrikes against a convoy of vehicles belonging to the al-Nusra terrorists in the surroundings of the village of al-Madiq Castle, Northwest of Hama city, smashing a number of vehicles and killed at least 5 terrorists.

Army unit also carried out military operations against the ISIL moves and gatherings in the countryside of Salamiyeh in Eastern Hama, inflicting at least 12 casualties on the terrorists.


The Syrian army's air defense units shot down a spy drone belonging to the Israeli regime at midnight Monday after violating Syria's airspace in the Southern parts of the Southwestern province of Quneitra.

According to a statement released by the Syrian military, the Skylark reconnaissance drone was shot down over Samadaniyah Sharqiah, near the border town of al-Quneitra.

The Israeli army also confirmed that one of their reconnaissance drones has been shot down by the Syrian army in the late hours of Monday.


More than 200 militants ended fight against the Syrian Army in Homs province and received government amnesty.

Over 200 militants from al-Wa'er neighborhood in Homs that had laid down arms and applied for government pardoning were granted amnesty on Tuesday.

In a press statement, Homs Governor Talal al-Barazi said that the settlement process of those who want to join the agreement according to amnesty decree No. 15 for 2016 still continues.


The terrorist groups stationed in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus started the second phase of their offensives in Jobar region but the Syrian army forces warded off all their attacks.

Field sources said that heavy clashes erupted between the Syrian troops and al-Nusra Front in the Northern parts of Jobar on Tuesday after two bomb-laden vehicles of the terrorists were targeted and detonated as they attempted to open their way into the power department and textile plants.

The army units could repulse the militants' attacks against the power department and al-Ma'amel (plants) region in Northern Jobar.

They could also besiege the Al-Nusra Front's affiliated terrorist groups who sought to infiltrate into al-Maqazel region in Northern Jobar.

Meantime, the Syrian air force launched airstrikes against the terrorists' supply routes in Arabayn, Zamalka and Harasta towards Jobar in Eastern Damascus and inflicted several casualties on militants.

The Syrian army's missile and artillery units also pounded the terrorists' gathering centers near the power department in Northern Jobar.

Also in the past 24 hours, the Syrian army forces inflicted heavy casualties on al-Nusra Front terrorists, including their foreign commanders, in their operations to free the Northern parts of Jobar region in Damascus.

A military source said on Tuesday that the terrorists' massive attacks have been warded off, and added that during the Syrian soldiers' operations in Jobar region, several al-Nusra Front's foreign commanders were killed and their command centers were destroyed.

He added that the army units have liberated all regions in Northern Jobar which were occupied by the terrorists, and killed all militants in the area.

The source said that the situation in Jobar region has now normalized.


The Syrian army troops continued military operations in Eastern Aleppo and advanced in areas South of Deir Hafer city.

The army forces could liberate Jeni al-Salamah town to the South of Deir Hafer after heavy clashes with the ISIL and forcing the terrorists to leave the town.

A military source said that nearly 30 ISIL terrorists were killed during the army operations.

The source added that the Syrian soldiers have liberated almost 15 towns and villages as well as two strategic heights in territories South of the Kuweires airbase and increased security in areas near the airbase in the past few days.

He said that the Syrian army now seeks to tighten the noose on the ISIL in Deir Hafer and its nearby villages and cut the terrorist group's supply routes from Maskanah and other towns in Eastern Aleppo.

Also, the army forces intensified operations to liberate Deir Hafer region and could retake full control of al-Sharimeh village and the nearby farms on Monday.

A military source said that tens of ISIL terrorists have fled the battleground in the region.

"Over 20 militants were killed during the army operations," he added.

Also on Tuesday, the Syrian army forces continued military operations in the Eastern parts of Aleppo to liberate the ISIL-held regions and regained control of a new town.

The army units intensified operations to seize back control of Deir Hafer, and drove the Takfiri terrorists out of al-Qusayer town after heavy clashes with the ISIL militants.

A military source said that the army's operations in Eastern Aleppo which have started since two months ago will fiercely continue, and added that over 25 terrorists were killed during the recent operations near Deir Hafer. 


Scores of ISIL, Al-Nusra Front Terrorists Killed, Wounded in Homs

Tens of Civilians Killed in US Coalition Airstrikes in Raqqa

Syrian Army Captures More Strategic Regions in East Aleppo

Aleppo: Army, Air Force Tightening Noose on ISIL Terrorists in Deir Hafer

Senior Iraqi MP Doubts Materialization of Trump's Anti-Terrorism Pledge

ISIL Sustains Heavy Defeat in Infighting with Rival Groups in Al-Qalamoun

Syrian Military Source Dismisses Reports on Al-Nusra's Occupation of Souran, Maardas in Hama

Yemen Unveils New 'Asif 1' Missile

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