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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Palestinian/ Israeli update 3/11/2017..Hamas slams Israel's plan to silence mosques

Azan Maghrib from Al Aqsa Mosque

Hamas slams Israel's plan to silence mosques

Watch what happens when a Jewish man visits an Arab town in Palestine...

Israeli and Palestinian women march together for peace

In part of the world where barriers are all too real, Israeli and Palestinian women are breaking them down.

Dozens on each side of the divide took part in a protest on Friday on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

They smashed down an improvised wall in a strong symbolic gesture and then marched together, escorted by Israeli security forces.

All the women taking part know the cost of the conflict only too well. They have all lost an immediate family member.


Trump invites Palestinian President to White House Israel Palestine Solution

American Jewish community torn apart by Israel's travel ban on critics

Soldier arrests teenage boy at the shuhada street checkpoint in Hebron

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