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Friday, March 17, 2017

Palestinian/ Israeli update 3/17/2017..Israel is ‘acting as air power for ISIS’?

BAM! Syrian Army Shoots Down Israeli Jet, Hits Another

Israel is ‘acting as air power for ISIS’ – investigative journalist

Netanyahu vows to build new settlement as US envoy visits

UNRWA condemns Israel's actions in West Bank

Is Israel an apartheid state?

Huckabee blasts UN report calling Israel an apartheid state

Trump pursues Israel’s ‘long-term' desire by inviting Abbas


Israel bans entry to Palestine Solidarity Campaign chair

Palestinian Taxi Driver Assaulted by 2 Israelis in Jerusalem

Media sources reported on Friday that a Palestinian taxi driver from Jerusalem sustained fractures and bruises after being assaulted by two Israelis while working in West Jerusalem late Thursday. Fadi Abed, 41, told Ma’an that two “Israeli settlers” asked him to drive them from the Talpiyot area in occupied East Jerusalem to Mount Herzl in West Jerusalem and changed their destination while in the car to Kiryat Yovel, South of Mount Herzl. When Abed arrived with the two Israeli passengers to Kiryat Yovel, they asked him to keep driving, claiming that someone was waiting for them and that the third person would pay Abed. All of a sudden, Abed said, the two Israelis hit him on his head with a wine bottle several times. “One of the settlers stepped out of the car while the other stayed in and continued hitting me,” Abed told Ma’an, saying “I kept driving on a downhill road until we reached an area where another taxi driver was and I asked him to call the police.”

Meanwhile, Abed was taken to the nearby Shaare Zedek Medical Center for treatment, where doctors told him he had fractures in his nose, a wound to his head and several bruises across his body.

An Israeli police spokesperson was not immediately available for comment.

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